April 8, 2017

Excerpt from my next novel: In the Eye of the Beholder by DBLorgan

 Remember, there are treasures hidden and revealed to you when you least expect them. Sometimes you don’t have to work for them at all. They just appear. That is the magic of life.”
    “When you find the magic of life in these treasures don’t try to negate or question them. Don’t try to turn it to your way of thinking or someone else’s so they agree with you. See it as it is. Either embrace it or let it go. Just put it back for someone else to find and enjoy. It is there for someone. We often try to share them with others and whoa they won’t have any part of it. They may be threatened by it. But remember, it doesn’t make the treasure any less precious. Will you remember this?”

   “Yes… I will remember.”

Coming in late 2017 or early 2018

April 2, 2017

Segment of my next novel.."In the Eye of the Beholder" by DBLorgan

Writing .. yesterday and today. So much has already been written in my next novel. I am walking back in the pages to refresh my thoughts. Asking for writers in the realm of spirit to be with me. 
They are. This is truly a book of inspiration and love of life. I am so honored I was given the motivation to write it....when will it be available? Late 2017 early 2018 ...
As I am correcting grammar and re-reading what I have so far. 
I came on this moment.  
I felt I should share a glimmer of this. My reporter is interviewing Talise who is the beholder. In the story Talise gives her a book to take back to her room. It is late and as she is resting on the bed she falls to sleep: In the story Talise gives her a book to take back to her room. It is late and as she is resting on the bed she falls to sleep: 

Where am I?
“In the realm of memories and clarification. You asked to come … so you did.”
“When in form as you are. You are constantly asking for this and for that. Sometimes humans just chatter and chatter. (She laughed). Yet every thought is a request. Every single thought!
You and all who, when in form do this. The Divine as some of you are familiar with or Spirit, which is the source of all life acknowledges your thoughts and provides all that is necessary and required to make it happen.”
“The block most of you have is the not allowing. When you allow it will come. Your life reflects what you have requested and allowed. You will be in vibration with it then voila it comes.
The allowing is the hardest for you; you have all sorts of concoctions within your brains to hold it back. Someone has taught you it isn’t possible and you believed it.”
“Asking is the first step which you do. Both in the good and yes even in what you think you don’t want. But if you pay attention to it and keep chattering on it well dear it comes. Either by the I can or the I cants. Then we take the next part … we bring it into existence. It is there right as close as your nose on your face. Most often you shut it off by not being ready, not believing it is possible thus the not allowing.
“Life isn’t hard someone told you it was and then it became hard because you believed it. This is just the law of reality and as alive and well as the law of nature, the law of gravity and all the vibrational energies present in your earthly realm.”
“Some have a glimmer of it. But most laugh it away and won't listen when you try to tell them how to have their dreams come to life. Because they don’t believe in dreams, nor the possibilities of things they don’t understand. They have to SEE it to believe it. When like a mirror it is the reverse. When you BELIEVE IT you will then SEE it…”

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February 5, 2017

Story of old repeating again in your time. Be aware and pay attention. DBLorgan

Thoughts given….

Experience is the best teacher. When children don’t listen to warnings given then sad to say they come via experience to learn.
There is nothing new under the sun…you should make yourself more familiar with the stories of old to see what is happening now.
No one only a few would listen to him.He hadnt been "among them" for many years. He was not eloquent of speech either. Some just had an attitude of you aren’t qualified, you cant even speak right. How are you going to set us free?
Well as I said "Experience" is the best teacher to make them listen. Ten plaques pretty much did it but hey I am sure some were convinced after the flies were everywhere and in their beds and food.
I know I would have been of those saying what the heck are you doing people.. listen to this man!! Yes Egypt is powerful but we have Yahweh on our side.
Now…… think about when they left.. Did they just skip and dance out of Egypt. Heck NO… they moved "quickly". Millions of them. Now when the red sea was in front of them moans and groans… wines and lets go back they cried. It was better in Egypt at least we know how to survive there whether we have rights or not. Whether we have a voice or not. We had what we needed even though it wasnt perfect.
But they weren’t allowed to stay.Or maybe some did. Now I say to you as Moses said to them.
Shhhhh stand still..
Watch.. and see the salvation of God. Then they saw something amazing.. It opened..the red sea opened ...
Right in front of them. Quickly five in a row millions went through.. Then pharaoh thought as he saw them leaving and his first born was killed he said.. let’s kill them. Not even thinking of the red sea was opened. He wasn’t to familiar in "memory with the land" . Since there was a cloud that divided them. He couldn’t even see where the heck he was going.
Reality hit when God told Moses.. lower your rod as the last Israelite crossed to the other side. Clarity came… don’t mess with the Divine Father of all. As they all lost their physical lives that were led by Pharaoh.
Now.. That is my parable my analogy I was given in even more detail this morn.
Since I was shown when our President was running this to show me he was who was to be our President…
Dont believe it opened? Well the Divine put this same story on your anatomy of your body to say it did.. Just ask.. I will tell you..
Now are you with us or them. Either way we of the truth are not afraid of your rants and rage. We have more behind us than meets your eyes trust me.
Blessing to all and may you see this and not feel it. That is my prayer. DBLorgan
*Dont be so upset Trump is moving so fast and keeping his word to make America safe. Quickly is how the Divine works .. he is a quickening spirit not a doddling spirit..

January 26, 2017

What is my job? .... DBLorgan

I try with my writings and life to make you believe in the things you feel are impossible. 
The magic is within you it has just been clouded over with the world of concrete and impossibilities.
I love my job...

YOUR POINT OF VIEW... by Author DBLorgan

"YOUR point of view"... 
Let's look at it if we can. : this is a parable... as if you were standing by a tree or where ever you are. 
What are you seeing?
Is it what you want to see?
The Great Spirit of life has everything under control, moving and flowing just as it should be. Do you focus on the beauty or the difficulties?
Now... lets maybe look at it from above it or not in the midst of what you're seeing. Don't just stand still and firm in your sight. Move around. 
Maybe there is more to it than your view allows. 
(Angel thoughts given to share...)

Much love to all have a lovely day and look for the good. You will see it more if you do.
Namaste DBLorgan