December 1, 2016

Place your order for my personally signed book: "The Memory Barrel" it will truly touch your heart. It is of love and magic of life

I am ordering more books tomorrow, for "The Memory Barrel" Second Edition to personally sign.
If your interested let me know. I smile at everyone that is sent out.
Of course it is available on Amazon as well.
This little story of life and wonderment will surely touch your heart as it has thousands all over the world since its release.
It allows you to look at life with a new vision and understanding. When it was given to be to write I was amazed. My hand couldn't stop writing. It is a true "angel thing"
Much love to all.

Email: DBLorgan

9.95 plus 2.95 sh

paypal of personal checks

October 12, 2016

"Asking" "Believing" and "Allowing" all is possible with Divine Spirit...

Calling on the Divine Father and Mother of all 

To put ease in the hearts of men and women. 
Storms clear the energy and allow for new growth. 
There is a storm in the land of uncertainty. 
Let there be clarity and peace. 
Allowing all to enjoy this realm with their loved ones and people dear to their heart. 
I have seen things that seemed totally impossible cleared and renewed. 
Let nothing hold your thoughts and requests to be hid in the darkness. 
Stand out in the light and ask for peace and patience with understanding. 
Let this be so 
and allow this prayer to soar over this little planet we call earth.

We stand together those of belief
Cast this to the wind and light your candles of peace.

September 29, 2016

Break away from the crowd... and hear what you need to hear.

Gatherings are great.. but you need alone ease and flow time.
Make sure after being with so many during the day you take time to just be alone. 
To breathe, to get energized...
This way your'e not getting their "stuff" interfering with your "stuff". 
I know maybe you don't like to be alone. 
Maybe its because you don't like what you feel when you are. 
Source whispers to you in a still small voice.
 Tons of noise and never ending chatter leaves no time for the words you need to hear. 
It is the best medicine for you and your soul. 
Alone time...with 
YOU and your angels

Namaste DBLorgan

August 29, 2016

The Joy just continues!! Love is in the air....

What fun this year has been and it just keeps flowing and glowing

3 more weddings left for the year. 
So far I was with 22 couples and their families celebrating a new chapter in their lives. Averaging 150 guests each!!
What an honor!!!! I always have said I want to touch others hearts in a positive way. Well that is about "3500 people" so far.. I think my wish has been answered via the weddings. 
Reservations coming for 2017 already..
What a joy for me!! Yayy..... 
Now lets get this next book completed!!
 My fifth book to complete all others available
on Amazon. 
This one is titled: 
In the Eye of the Beholder
Namaste DBLorgan

Contact me to see if your date is still open so I can be with you.

Just a few visuals of love in the air!!!

July 8, 2016

The power of the mind is so underrated. Change can come when minds are unified. DBLorgan

 The power of the mind is so underrated.
Change can come when minds are unified. One view of the news is enough, now turn it off !!
The media always wants you to watch "their news" and the more they can get your energies up and not in a positive way the more power they are given. 
Look at your world and surround it with peace. Don't allow media to put fear in your energies. If you do more will come for you to fear.
We will have peace when you believe it is possible. 
We can change this... together
I read just last week a few groups of monks went to different villages.
Each village was in distress for one manner or another.
They all stayed there for a week and together prayed to have this situations change.
It happened. Now believe this or not it will not change my knowing and asking and receiving.
But it does work.
So together lets ask.. lets see our towns at peace and weapons of all kinds set down. When one stands in front of you with a weapon it makes your weapon appear.
One word in anger makes another appear.
It is just the way it is..
So be quite!!! with your weapons of words and intimidation and fear, lets use our gift of voice to ask all that is life to make peace in our towns.
Just trying to share and teach.
You will decide for your world and I will create mine.
Much love to all DB