May 23, 2015

My beginning journey to touch the little ones of Spirit and life. By DBLorgan

Being with my 4 yr old grandson for 8 days has opened my heart to some things that need to be shared with our little ones. They are so anxious to learn and curious of life. I shared with him of his angels and found some photos that were spirit like for him to understand he is never alone. He loved all I shared...
The new book I was given for children while here.. well that will be coming to life soon. I am have illustrations for it created now. It is time to teach our little ones. Of spirit... of calming their fears and being at peace.
It is of no religious denomination guidance it is free spirited to share of the source of life of nature and believing anything is possible. I am so excited on this entirely new journey to begin with our little ones.
If we don't teach them, they learn from the humans of things that will stir their soul.
 I can do this... with all I have been given!


May 20, 2015

Ask and it is given: I asked for words to write a book for little ones and it came! DBLorgan

Ask and it is given
Quite time and asking it came.. I have it..
The book for the little ones to truly understand of the angelic spirit realm.
Now the work begins.
Drawings and pictures of color... 
I love this story: My hand couldn't write fast enough as the words came.
 "This is the story of you my little one" by DBLorgan
{Thank you to my angels for making my life so amazingly fun!}
Sharing the joy...

May 19, 2015

The wisdom of Yoda a never ending truth by DBLorgan

Celebrating my grandson Romans 4th birthday in NC. What a joy to be here. When I was here last time I introduced him to Star Wars characters at the store. This time for our "date" night I told him we were going to watch the movie.. We did he was so excited.
Then tonight we all together watched the second movie.
Oh my he was all over the room asking questions and waiting for Yoda to appear. I love making memories "May the force be with you" and teaching him of this along the way...
One part made me smile as Luke was learning from Yoda how to be a Jedi. Yoda was convincing him of his powers. He had Luke convinced he could lift the plane from below the water. He tried and he tried... and said I is to heavy, Yoda said size doesn't matter. You can do this..
Well he didn't..
Yoda then showed him how it was done by using the force.
Luke said... I don't believe it as the huge plane ascends from below the water.

Yoda's reply.. That's why you couldn't do it.. You didn't believe!! {Timely isn't it... and you thought all the things that are taught now are NEW..They aren't..
"Believe it and you will see it".... It is just the way it is.. 
Namaste DBLorgan

{You should watch it again..}

May 14, 2015

DBLorgan Author/Wedding Officiant a friend to all she meets. Say "hello" and let's smile about life.

It's an angel thing experience: The Memory Barrel Second Edition by DBLorgan

Enjoy DBLorgan's creative imagination as "The Memory Barrel Second Edition" it will touch more hearts than the first. She explains she was guided to do it again, since there was more to the story .
The main character in the book is named Debra Pratt... she is quite an amazing woman. She constantly wrote in her journals and shared life with as many people that came into her life circle. 
In the beginning of the book Debra has passed into the next realm. Her family gathers at their cabin and there is a memory barrel that contains all the fun things of her children's life within it. 
As it is opened, she makes her presence known to them all. She always taught them there is life and life, it never ends. Now she was able to show them. The day passed into evening and the laughter and tears of what they found in the Memory Barrel touched their lives .. All of them.
Now this book The Memory Barrel will do the same as she always wanted it to do. Debra wanted others to see the world as she had been shown it was. View it with a new vision to believe anything is possible there are no limits to your life but overcoming your doubt.. Since she began writing it before she passed. 
Her book took the sadness in life and found the joy so much so that her imagination created a story of love and magic. One that in time she would be experiencing herself. 
She always said believe it and then see it. But first you must believe. 
It's an angel thing she would say all the time. 

Available wherever books are sold.

May 12, 2015

Try not to feed the worry and stress. By DBLorgan

Just to guide you through overwhelm or stress:

Try to change your thought of what is concerning you. 
How? Think of something that makes you smile. A moment or someone. It is turning off the vibration that is feeding it within your mind. 
The moment or experience is not being given more energy by you. 
Listen to music, light a white candle and most assuredly GO OUTSIDE...take a walk or find a park, lake or something that you will be able to calm yourself. 
Remember your angels are always right beside you. 
Tell them you need their help. Then words or signs will be given what to do next. 
No storm lasts forever. In a few days you will look back on this and say.. 
Why was I so worried? I am taken care of, everything always works out for me

                                                                                                     {Namaste DBLorgan}

May 9, 2015

I listen and live by the guidance given. DBLorgan

To my dear friends and friends I haven't met yet
Hoping this day will bring you fun and laughter.
Yesterday I released my book to the major newspapers in the USA. I am focused on allowing this book to touch as many hearts as possible. If the time comes it is made into a movie all will remember this little book and its determined author.
It is a book that was given to me by spirit and I will follow whatever path I am shown to send it to.
It is an angel thing experience from beginning to the release to moments coming alive in my world after it is written from experiences in the book. Who has that happen to them? Is it a book of the truest manifestation of "you think it you create it." I think so..
Be not frustrated with my exuberance to do all I have for it. It is like our children we do what we can and watch them shine. That is what I will do with The Memory Barrel~ Second Edition.
 Much love to all 

*Final notation: If any of you feel there is someone I should send this to please share with me. You are all right beside me as I sent this special message in the bottle book to the world. Lets celebrate the joy of it together, this isn't just for me it is for you too!! Ohh and I have never used the word exuberance before hahah it was given to me to write. I had to look it up to make sure it was a good word to make you understand.. IT IS.. heart emoticon Thank you to my angels.. haha

May 8, 2015

Ask that they have eyes to see as the reviews come forward for :The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition by DBLorgan


The Memory Barrel ~Second Edition by DBLorgan

The New York Times​
San Francisco Chronicle
Los Angeles Times​
Chicago Tribune​
Washington Post

Wish us luck, although there is a lot of love surrounding and within this little book. 
Ask that they have eyes to see.. 

First reader review on The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition

First review in on my book: The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition

Thank you Suzette Miller​ reviews allow others to consider reading books.
I so appreciated your words. Let's touch as many hearts as we can together.
Much love

Here is her review:
The life of Debra Pratt and her family. Not an ordinary read by any sense of the word. Tears, laughter, life, death and the stuff that "dreams" are made of....with a twist. A physical and spiritual guide to "happily ever after" She truly will touch your soul and guide your thinking, outside the box.
This book exceeded my expectations and would therefore, highly recommend.

Available whereever books are sold.

May 7, 2015

Why is the novel: The Memory Barrel so magical? I will tell you .. then you should read it to see for yourself.

How it all began: 
by DBLorgan

I began to write in journals in 2002 I had heard Oprah say it was good for you. So I did. Just for me, well maybe for my children to read later in life.
As I was writing I was so uncomfortable doing this. Since I felt I was living in the sadness instead of coming out of it.
I was given the thought, "make it into a story."
Not an autobiography, but a story of a woman somewhat similar to me but not me. The story took a life of its own, having her travel and touching lives all over the world. {I think this was my dream too, so I was making it part of the story.}
All authors do put a piece of themselves within their books.
And as long as I was having fun doing it. I knew I wanted to make it creative and magical. I had never written a book before. I am not sure if I even thought I would publish it. That is another story of the magic of this book.  I just kept writing and laughing as the twist and turns were given to me through my pencil. The words flowed onto the paper.

The story of Debra and her enjoyment of life to meeting a special man from Scotland and the Isle of Skye. He lived in the mountains of New York when he was stateside. It was just given to me. Such a lovely story was being created that surpassed time and realms. What fun!
I must add here as well that I believe in angels and guides. Since I am Irish and Iroquois well that should tell you a lot about me. 
This is the "are you kidding me" moment for you. {My angels had as much fun with me after the book was written as they did while I was writing it. }
This is where the angels played with me beyond what I ever imagined. They after 11 years of my book's beginning- to write it -to releasing The Memory Barrel in 2010.

They brought me to... a man who is of Scottish heritage in 2012.. And yes, he lived in the mountains of New York. When we met which is such a fun story to tell! I asked, hearing he was Scottish. Have you ever been to the Isle of Skye .. His reply: "Yes, twice!" I almost fell off my chair. He just couldn't imagine nor had he ever had someone ask him this..
So the story continues I will tell it to you in my gatherings. It is sure to make you believe that anything is possible if the book didn't allow you to see that already.
Truly, you have never experienced a book such as this nor will ever again.
It comes alive.. It takes you within the story as it did me..
We will meet sometime face to face I hope. 

The Memory Barrel ~Second Edition is available wherever books are sold. 
Amazon is the link I will share here.. 

May 6, 2015

Your spirit animal... what is it?

Your spirit animal... You all have one or more.
Animals are omnipresent in our lives, whether they are pets or live in the wild, yet we often lack a clear understanding of their symbolic nature and what they could mean. When we relate to the spirit of animals, they may offer us powerful insight.
In the world of spirit animals, animals can symbolize:
Aspects of your personality
Skills, or traits that we have cultivated successfully or have yet to develop
They are there and have appeared in many ways in your life. If you stop and think about it, I am sure one comes to mind. 
Mine is a wolf, hummingbirds and a dove.
All have symbolic meanings.. 

Learning and being aware this is so much more around you than meets the eye. It is so much fun!
Try to do some research on your own.. If you need my help I will give it. 

Here are a few websites that might help. Yet if you concentrate I am sure you can see one specific animal that has always had your attention. Or one that seems to appear when you need it the most.
Signs are given in this realm by Spirit.
That you are not alone .

(you can copy the questions on your PC by touching ctrlP)

As you look and find your answers you will see many pictures even books to consider reading. I won't specifically recommend one or another. 
You will find your answers though and I will help if I can. 
Namaste DBLorgan

May 3, 2015

Together worlds and lives can change.. hand and hand

We are of one heart....
One purpose
To find the joy..

I stand beside many in this life.
All religions 
All color
All sizes young and old.
All to touch the world, harm none! 
By us standing together we touch others and their world and their life allowing them to see with "new eyes". 
giving them a sparkle for the excitement of being alive.
I shall do this till I pass to the next realm~ 
I am not of one belief only, I am of all. 
I take to me what is good for my being. 
So stand beside me as we walk through this life~
We both will say when we pass to the next..
Wanna do it again? 
Namaste DBLorgan

April 29, 2015

The storm is passing in Baltimore (view and don't be controlled by the media) ...

You must remember news channels get more views if they share the drama.
They wont say it is slowing down and calming. 
Then you wont watch!
 I wont say don't watch it most of your are drawn to it too. 
But you have control of your life and what you see.
If you want peace and calm I suggest to limit your view of them. 
The spirit of life is taking care of it all. The pictures I have posted calmed more hearts to feel at peace. When you and more feel at peace then the peace comes. It is a full scale energy field we all send out to it will be safe and calm. 
Ask and it is given!!! It is passing and calming now. 
Create peace by being at peace!! 
Namaste DBLorgan

April 22, 2015

A book like this comes along once in a blue moon!

Readers commenting on the book and their experience..I told you it wasn't like any other book you have read. 
The characters truly do take you by the hand and walk you through their journey. Almost blending your life with theirs.. 
smile emoticon
 I love it. 
I am so honored to have been able to write The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition. 
If you haven't , well maybe your curiosity will guide you to buy it.. 
Truly it is living up to its birthdate...{A blue moon night} to say a book such as this comes along once in a blue moon!!
Namaste DBLorgan
{Available on Amazon,Barnes & Noble, BookAMillion...}

April 20, 2015

DBLorgan....Contact and information on The Memory Barrel Second Edition

Twas just another morn... or was it?

Twas a morn that seemed to be one of clouds and an oncoming rain. Yet the Irish lass said: "Tis a grand day for a walk"..
 She needed to feel the wind, listen to her music and just enjoy nature. 
As she began her journey the sun noticed her and gave her a glimmer. "Good morn my Iroquois princess tis a grand day it is and I see you are enjoying it." 
She smiled with a wink and bowed her head at his presence. 
Honoring her with a glow from beyond the clouds. 
The music carried her to a place of peace and contentment. Her emotions swirled within, of the joy that surrounded her and the abundance of joy coming. I am ready for this. I will fly where I am to go and meet who I am to meet. 

 Just then she looked below.. on the road was a snail, he had just begun his journey,

 I am sure of a land he knew not.
What to do? Let him continue or show him a new path? The road he was on would cause his life to be less.
 So the Iroquois princess guided him gently to a place where he would be safe from fire breathing dragons to one of green lush grass.. "This is where you were meant to be", she said. "Your path just became confusing for a moment.
 Now go have fun... that is what you are to do." 
And so it begins... just another normal Monday morn... 
smile emoticon
 {In the life of DBLorgan}

April 19, 2015

Contest for free signed copies of The Memory Barrel ~Second Edition by DBLorgan

Contest for free signed copies of 
The Memory Barrel ~Second Edition 
                                       by DBLorgan

It has only been two weeks since the release of my second novel
The Memory Barrel ~Second Edition

It is selling all over the world either by e book or book format.
What fun..
Now let's give away a few ..
What you have to do..
Come to my Author DBLorgan page on facebook
Friend request me.
I do feel the world is filled with friends we haven't met yet.
Like my post for the give away and share it to your page.
That's all.
Then on April 26 two winners will be selected.

This will take place every few months so don't think this is a one time chance.

I am here to touch hearts and make them view their life with a new vision. A new outlook.
This story will begin this process as soon as you turn the first page. 

To order copies :
Orders coming daily for signed copies.
 An "angel thing" gift comes with every signed copy, it will make you smile. 
That's my job ... to make you smile!
{Living my dreams with my eyes open. DBLorgan}

 Available on

The Memory Barrel Second Edition by DBLorgan

My author page:

For your personal signed copies:
Send 12.50 s/h 2.95
PO BOX 223
 Geneseo, New York  14454
Be sure to include full name and address .

Children's Wish

Give our little ones words to understand and acknowledge what they see and those things that are there, yet are only sometimes sensed with the heart.. I found something similar to this but added and changed a few words. I wanted to have it right for my grand children.

{If you want one or two I can mail them to you.. or 
send the actual file to your email for you to copy.}

April 14, 2015

An inspirational novel that will touch your heart. The Memory Barrel `Second Edition by DBLorgan

The Memory Barrel
A novel filled with enchanting wonderment of life.
 You will view your world with possibilities and questions will be answered.
"Everything always works out"
will be your thoughts from now on.

 It will begin when you turn the first page.


 Listed now on Amazon and the look inside is added. 
The ebook will be available later this week.
Orders coming daily for signed copies.
 An "angel thing" gift comes with every signed copy, it will make you smile. 
That's my job ... to make you smile!
{Living my dreams with my eyes open. DBLorgan}

 Available on

The Memory Barrel Second Edition by DBLorgan

My author page:

For your personal signed copies:
Send 12.50 s/h 2.95
PO BOX 223
Geneseo, New York  14454
Be sure to include full name and address .

March 28, 2015

Amazon has ranked my novel #83,000 in listings among 8,000,000 titles. I am pleased

Amazon ranking for my book:

This format of "The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition by DBLorgan..." is currently ranked #83,025 out of over 8,000,000 books.
This is means it is selling very well. It means to me more people will be touched and believe that all things are possible.
I am so pleased watching it soar!  DBLorgan

Order you copy on Amazon today!!
If we ever meet I would love to sign it for you..

March 27, 2015

The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition: An awakening for the reader of life in this realm and the next. "The blending" now available.

The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition

An awakening for the reader of life in this realm and the next. 

"The blending"


Order your copy here... 

Open The Memory Barrel and walk through the pages as DBLorgan's creative imagination allows you to believe that anything is possible.
Meet Debra Pratt and watch her very closely. She is sure to captivate your heart watching her touch her family and the world as she surpasses all boundaries. Engage your thoughts and emotions with this magically enchanting story of life shared in the most unusual way.
Relax and enjoy this journey beside them as your life is blended with theirs.
It will begin when you turn the first page.
It's truly "an angel thing"

A book such as this comes along 

"Once in a blue moon"


March 25, 2015

Here it is... The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition by DBLorgan

Let it go.. Let it go... 
Let it touch all the hearts of the world! 

 With a excitement in my heart. I present to the world my second novel....
I truly enjoyed creating this story and loved all the words shared of the first edition.
Now the second edition is perfect! The cover to the interior to an expansion of the story. I know it will touch so many more than even the first. {I feel so elated!!!}
                                                       Namaste DBLorgan

The first availability will be on this site:

in 3-5 days it will be available on worldwide or where ever books are sold. 


March 17, 2015

It arrived, my first proof copy of The Memory Barrel ~Second Edition

It looks amazing, feels wonderful. The quality is perfect. It is so much thicker than the first edition. I am smiling since over a hundred pages were added to it.
Now I read it from front to back for the 1000th time..
Then it will be in your hands. I cried when I opened it and saw it was my book. I wish my family could have been here. But my angels surrounded me...and gave me my truest gift on St. Patty's Day..
Happy St Patty's day to the Irish lass...
I am ready for this to change lives including my own. 


March 15, 2015

Create your own reality by DBLorgan

Sitting by the window, coffee in hand listening to some inspirational teachers as I begin my day. So yes of course I will share with you a glimmer.
"Create your own reality" it is unlimited the things you can bring to you. But "emotion" plays a large part in all of this. If you ask for something and believe it isn't possible then it won't be. Try doing the creating with something that you're not so emotionally connected with.
Like today I will see___________________. and expect it. 
Remember if your doubting it then it won't.
When it is allowed {by you} then you will get a glimmer to just how this all works, and the "powers latent in man" as your scriptures say.  ~ DBLorgan