October 22, 2017

“Child Blessing Celebration by Minister DBLorgan”

“Child Blessing Celebration by Minister DBLorgan”

My way......
For all ages 

Most think of this in the religious world as a baptism for infants.
It is quite common in many religions. To them it is a cleansing. 

For my infant blessing it is a enlivening, to enhance their life as they continue their journeys.
My child blessing is lovely involving the parents, grandparents and all who want to take part in it. We all are blessing this child together.

What do I do?
Welcoming prayer for the little one and their families.

Water poured into special vase

Each family member will pour water into a vase.
As they pour they make a promise or a wish for the little one. This makes the water now “water of wishes and dreams”.
Then whatever my couple would like for me to say I do but usually they are just so pleased with the blessing.
From head to foot they are blessed. How? My hand will dip the water of blessing on their eyes.. Then I say words of blessing such as: may you always see the beauty in life.
This continues with ears, hands, heart then their feet.

Prayer is said.

Box of promises presented
I have a special box that is handmade I bring to the ceremony. It has an angel on top. Each person will put a small card to the baby within. They will write a special letter to them. When will they read this..?
When they are ten years old with Mommy and Daddy.
Doing this feels so right and is such an honor to be asked. 

I love my life beyond words and will always do what is right : *With my angels beside me.

*I will do for older children as well
In the Jewish religion they have bar mitzvah and in Roman Catholicism they have first communion. 
This ceremony is for older children. Preparing them for life.  We will give them the tools to begin their life and walk through it with peace and honor. (This ceremony is a little more involved than the infants.) 

Most Saturdays are occupied with weddings therefore Sunday is best in the Spring Summer and Fall of the year.
Let’s talk lets surround you little one with this celebrating moment as they begin their life. I will always try to watch over them at a distance.
Write to: dblorgan@hotmail.com there we can arrange for a phone call or a face to face meeting. 
I would love to talk with you.


*(I bring the special water that has no chemicals at all totally pure) 

October 16, 2017

Hempworx CBD video watch and learn... I wouldnt be without this oil. DBLorgan

The oil I use... CBD Watch this video it is time to learn and see how amazing this is going to be for you!!

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Others buy through you and you can use this income for purchasing your oil... 
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September 23, 2017

Orders coming in weekly and testimonies are never ending to the love of Hempworx CBD oil and creams. DBLorgan

Orders are coming in everyday for this oil.. I just ordered 4 more bottles. If you go to this page and create a username and password you can read up on it even more. 
Then there is a facebook page names Hempworx testimonials. That is a great page for more information too! If you suffer from one thing or more just type in the search bar on the page. The testimonies since it was created will appear. 
NOW to you who have ordered.. You know each bottle lasts two months. (According to normal usage) It costs $69 plus shipping. Total being $76.95
The health benefits from this is truly life changing..I am getting messages weekly to how much they love it!
One mother is taking it and giving to her 5 yr old son. He has autism and this has helped him so much.
Another mom is giving to her children who have add and other concentration concerns. She said "The boys are showing great improvement and attention along with behavior. I have been sleeping much better and my pain level is decreasing..
Spots on skin are disappearing.
Pain is decreasing after years of dealing with it from the oil and creams.
Blood pressure is lowering
The list goes on and on..
I will walk side by side with you as you begin using the oil.
There are creams on the site too.. Relief is for pain. You rub it on the sore area and truly within less than a few minutes it is gone.. Or minimal due to what you injured.
The Renew cream is for blemishes and complexion. I use it every day now..
I am here if you need me..

September 17, 2017

My next novel.. In the Eye of the Beholder" DBLorgan

I am or have been writing my next novel. In the Eye of the Beholder.
What an experience,, this is even more engaging then my first novel The Memory Barrel..
I want to share just a tid bit and you can see .. this is not going to be your normal everyday let me read a book day. It will be a book that will take you by surprise to what you experience and learn from it..
So... here is what I was just given and it is on page 146 can you imagine how the rest of the book is???
**(Laura closed her eyes and said “I am ready” to the energy that surrounded her. “Do I call you God? Or Spirit… The divine? I want to have a mutual relationship with you. You have taken care of me without expecting anything in return. I want to know please tell me. She sat on the edge of her bed seemingly in prayer or conversation within. Then it happened.. She heard it.. The voice from within. Not a dream or a conversation you would have with others but within herself she actually heard the words.
You can call me as you wish little one if you feel you need a name.
I listen and hear all whether name is shared or not.
I will answer all of your questions and your spirit family will surround you until you come back to join them here in time.
You are not here in your life for lessons. You are here for experiences.
Yes some will engage different emotions within.
But they all work together to show you of life and being alive.
Through hard times and good, through joy and sadness.
We do try to keep you from experiencing fear though.
That emotion is on the other side of what we want you to experience.
Yet it is necessary because once you unplug from the fear of this or that then doors open you never dreamt possible.
So I will say to you fear not.. be still when it comes and go within.
We can guide you down the path further from the fear. But you just have to not allow “fear” to put an anchor on you so you can’t move.
Still waters brings undesired things.
Flowing waters is life.
You are life and we will always encourage you to move,
to walk, to step into life without fear or anger and find the joy of all the experiences you have available)
Yes In the Eye of the Beholder is going to be a keeper...  I am so blessed my spirit angels guide me through writing this book!!
See all my books on Amazon.com 
Find me on facebook as Author DB Lorgan
The Memory Barrel Second edition
My wish for you
Forever Mom and Dad

September 14, 2017

Ask and you shall receive...who knew CBD oil would be so beneficial.. DBLorgan

I found CBD oil and I love it . 
I had no idea something like this existed. It has changed my life and those in my family. Such a blessing for so many. 
What does it do for me?
I sleep like a baby, I am calmer and my aches and pains seem to be minimal. All just in 5 days. There is so much more this can do for us too. I am just mentioning the obvious. 
I read it helps your memory.. HECK YAH...
So here is a post for it and here are my two websites for it.
You take 5 drops under your tongue in the morn and 5 at night.
Each bottle has at least 1200 drops in it. I tested it lol. It will last you at least two months each bottle.
Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee.
It is not addictive and is totally legal in all 50 states.
So this was a no brainer for me to try..
You have to decide for yourself.
I have a special page called The Gathering that you can come in my opening it up to you. Other than that it is private.
I thought many would feel more comfortable with their privacy.
So to begin is your choice.. I am here to answer any question and help when I can.. THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS TELLING OF AMAZING RESULTS.
Or here:
Please message me I will be happy to help in any way I can..