January 12, 2018

Mirror talk


It sounds silly but its the only time you "look" at yourself. 

Usually you say ugh I am this or that.. more than not it is critical.


Then say that to YOU... I appreciated you.. just say it in the mirror.

Do you think you're amazing? ( look at what you do for everyone. I say that is amazing)


So many women beat themselves up on so many issues. It is time to change how you talk to YOU. 

I am so serious on this!!
I was guilty of this all these years. Just the last few days I realized this and had an aha moment. 
I CANT MAKE YOU DO THIS BUT MY GOD LOOK AT YOU!! AND HOW YOU TALK TO YOU!! Give yourself something positive for once.

Author/ Minister of life

December 14, 2017

December 12, 2017

What if?? You change the way you think of things and then the things change.: DBLorgan

What if??

You change the way you think of things and then the things change. 
What better way to begin than with your children?
What you guide them with now they will carry with them for a lifetime. 
It isn't about possessions but more the essence of who they are and what they can enjoy in this realm.

Abundant life of joy to all DBLorgan

December 10, 2017

EXCITING NEWS: from Minister/Officiant DBLorgan

Another precious couple I married this summer are having TWINS..
I am in awe. 

I tell all of them this happens often with my couples.
My heart is so filled with joy for them.
A true angel thing...

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!Those precious babies will be #14 and#15 for my couples..

In October of this year two of my couples were blessed with adorable baby girls.
How does it happen?
It is an angel thing...

I am a licensed minister and have been for years. 
I can marry throughout the USA and never allow miles to keep me from my couples.
I would love to be with you.
Hopefully the date you decide to marry I am available. 
Go to:


Read my reviews and lets make your wedding day one you and all present will always remember.

November 13, 2017

I call the CBD oil angel oil now! It is so amazing!!

I have learned over the years of some wonderful techniques that make my life flow easier. 
The divine spirit bringing ideas and suggestions to guide me. I will be sharing with you friend to friend. 
This one was the most recent. Body aches and the occasional sleep adjustments to feeling edgy from time to time. 
I love my life and have experienced sad and happy times. This guidance I asked for and it came. 
I have been daily using CBD oil. I had no idea how life changing it would be! Everyday I thank my angels for bringing me to it.
I sleep wonderful my aches are minimal and I am even more ease and flow than I was before. Smiling here..
So my hopes is you will try it.. I take it twice a day five drops under my tongue in the morn and before bed. I use the peppermint flavored and 500 bottle.