February 11, 2016

It is time to step out into the world... I am ready for this TV interview.

Just sharing my thoughts:
After the phone call last night I realized this interview on TV was the next step for me. To share what I have learned and how I live my life.
It is more than just my books and how I was given the words to share by my angels. It is opening me up to the world. It is time.
So I asked as my eyes opened in my bed to show me how to present this.
I was led to another author in Ireland and her interview on YouTube. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to her and she shared the things of her angels with the world. It was as if we had experienced the same things,seen the same things.
I am ready...I know to fear no one else's opinions nor thoughts but to just be me..
That is what this is all about.
Love to all who read this.....DB

February 10, 2016

Calling on Screenwriters and Readers for The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan

Calling on Screen Writers...
I need assistance to put The Memory Barrel into a format screenplay.
This process is quite involved: taking only 50-70 scenes from the book.
So readers and writers.. Share with me your thoughts.
If you have read The Memory Barrel what was your favorite scene in the book?
If you know of someone that can assist me with this, have them contact me at
My novel is one in a million as when you read it you will discover it is a book of love, hope and magical moments that can take place when you least expect it.


February 9, 2016

Author DBLorgan touching hearts all over the world with her unique writing.

"The Memory Barrel" 
has touched hearts all over the world. It is a story unlike any other you have read. It radiates the magic of life and possibilities occurring you had never thought possible. This book will be made into a movie within the upcoming years. 

"Forever Mom and Dad".. 

Shares the experiences and choices that occur before we come to this realm. Letting the reader and listener see they are never alone and all their dreams can come true.

"My wish for YOU"

Tells of the love of a child and angelic presence that is with them to teach of nature and the magic of life. 

All of these have been given to me in a very unique way. 

Words came pictures shown and guided my hand. 
They are my "angel things" that I share with you. 

 All available on Amazon or you can purchase a signed copy by writing dblorgan@hotmail.com for the same price as on amazon.

February 7, 2016

Congratulations to Alicia Burnham you have won and will receive "My wish for YOU" by DBLorgan

Congratulations Alicia Burnham my little Roman picked your number!! I will be sending you a signed copy of My wish for YOU.
Enjoy !!!
Remember my books are all available on Amazon or you can purchase a signed copy by writing dblorgan@hotmail.com for the same price as on amazon.

"The Memory Barrel" has touched hearts all over the world. It is a story unlike any other you have read. It radiates the magic of life and possibilities occurring you had never thought possible. This book will be made into a movie within the upcoming years. 

"Forever Mom and Dad".. Shares the experiences and choices that occur before we come to this realm. Letting the reader and listener see they are never alone and all their dreams can come true.

"My wish for YOU": Tells of the love of a child and angelic presence that is with them to teach of nature and the magic of life. 

All of these have been given to me in a very unique way. 

Words came pictures shown and guided my hand. 
They are my "angel things" that I share with you. 

Much love and congratulations Alicia!!!!

February 3, 2016





January 29, 2016

Books by DBLorgan available on Amazon in paperback and kindle

All my books on Amazon are available in paperback or Kindle..
1.The Memory Barrel Second Edition
2.Forever Mom and Dad
3.My wish for YOU

They all will touch your heart
Much love to all

To make you think.....

Envision this:
You're making the commitment with Spirit to come to the earthly realm....
What do you feel...Excitement?
A vision of playing,learning,experiencing?
How's it going? ��
Well you're still here.....fix it!


January 23, 2016

Full Moon tonight... release to the Universe what is holding you back.. DBLorgan

Full Moon tonight...
I have done this many times.. Writing and releasing are very healing.
Most often I do this by the water of the lake or ocean. Just stand in the snow lol and it wont harm anything. smile emoticon
Let it go and let the Universe clear your energy.
Love to all..

January 16, 2016

"My wish for YOU" is in the final approval stage now. A book of nature and signs that are given for our little ones. DBLorgan

Sigh... "My wish for YOU".... is now completed and with the publisher checking and rechecking.
I learn something every time I put another book out there.
This was a bit stubborn getting illustrations ready.. But its my baby of course it has to have a tantrum now and then..
I have had so much fun doing the childrens books.
Now I do have to get back to In the Eye of the Beholder..

Available soon on Amazon

January 13, 2016

My wish for YOU... is almost ready for your litte ones. DBLorgan

My wish for YOU

My second book in the series I created titled: The Never Ending Story of YOU
This is the cover and the interior is almost ready for release.
Watch for it on Amazon..
I love touching lifes from little to elderly in any way I can.
I am here to share the fun and joy..
Author DBLorgan

When I spoke with my four year old grandson of angels, the look on his face made me realize I needed to find a way to allow him and other children to understand.
Not just of angels, but of life in every aspect for them
This of course isn't just for the little children it is a learning experience for all ages.
I have created a series of books titled:  The Never Ending Story of YOU
Book one:  "Forever Mom and Dad": Life before this realm and choices made
Book two:  "My wish for YOU": Wishes for them to see the magic of life in nature.
These books will be clear and concise with colorful presentations, shared in a loving manner on all topics that will be discussed.
If you have a certain topic you would like me to address please contact me.

I dedicate all my books to the children of all ages.
Who allowed me to be inspired to create these stories.
My wish is for them to know and understand they are precious and so dearly loved.

Diane lives in New York State and has for most of her life. Her writing talents have always been a large part of her life. Never anticipating she would be a published author and a non-denominational minister of life.
Her uniqueness and gift to create stories through her words is sure to touch your heart.

Her three children are grown and enjoying life. Diane now resides in Perry, New York with her Scotsman and Willow their dog.

From Diane:
I was allowed to see life with a new point of view as I walked through many journeys. All these have made me who I am today.
I gather knowledge of all the teachers in this realm to enliven my life and those that surround me.
We are here to enjoy this life and I am doing just that.
My life is amazing now. I love it beyond words. Why? Because I am doing what I love!

Her works include :
The Memory Barrel: 2010
The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition :  released in 2015
In the Eyes of the Beholder : Coming soon
Children's Books:
The Series titled: The Never Ending Story of YOU
Book one: "Forever Mom and Dad  released December 2015
Book two:  My wish for YOU        released January 2016
Book three: The four faces of YOU coming later in 2016

January 12, 2016

Esther Hicks helped me to get it!!

I am sooo excited. Dana and I are going for a one day seminar in Buffalo with Esther Hicks.
I listen to her on you tube all the time and was guided to her in 2004 when walking through a storm .. A timely meeting that has continued with her and others I have connected with.
She helped me to "Get it"
We have many teachers in this realm to guide and make you excited about life. Find them, don't dwell in negative payback or a group that feels others are punished for not thinking the same as you.
Just think how the beloved universal spirit looks on you. Then do the same for others..

 OK stepping off my podium of words and going to put them in my books..

Be mindful of who teaches you... By DBLorgan

It was interesting someone a few weeks ago questioned so many have passed to the spirit realm. Where are they all?
 I smiled and said you are thinking Earth and all it has is the only location for abiding. 
We exist in a UNIVERSE.... and all in the other realm are Spirit light beings.
 No flesh is there..
 It is amazing how we limit our thinking. 
 Just like not to long ago they taught the earth was flat.
 Be mindful of who the "they teachers" are..

Go within and ask your angels and guides for answers.
Go into nature or by the water you will feel more connected to them there.
Light a white candle inside .. I do
then close your mind to the chatter and sounds inside and out.
It is heard within your soul words that are not vocalled for all to hear.
They are there
for answers
for guidance
for help doing things.. 
just try
and see

Namaste DBLorgan 

{One more thing... because they are light they flow through the energy. When you sense someone you love it is because they are there trying to get your attention.
Yes it makes you cry at times but after a time be playful and they will be back.
My son passed 2014 he would always buzz in my mind.. It was so constant I had to laugh and say Richie I love you and I know your there give me some time to do what I have to do.
He was like that in this realm.. Always chattering always taking up the space haha.. So he listened.. Now? Ugh he plays with my hair when I am in the middle of doing something. I laugh and say I love you baby boy.. forever and a day.. It is just how it is.. }

January 11, 2016

Dream with no limits you can very easily!!

Dreaming with no limits...
These are mine...
* 1st at the top of my list: Create a place for the elderly like the Dutch Village did for those that had dementia.. This would be all over the USA. (yes I said wish with no limits.. lol )
*2. A foundation for a schooling program nationwide named: The Enlightened Child. Now that one is dear to my heart as the elderly is as well.
*3. To set up all over the USA at Christmas those "gift booths" in the malls. What fun that would be!! Free gifts given for receivers to give to others. How fun!!
My foundation would be called... hmmm "Live the JOY." or something like that.. 
Now that was fun!!!

So along with these touch the world with my books, my wedding ceremonies and my smile.
Loving and living life to the fullest.
It is what I do.
Much love to you my dreamers and never say never when you least expect a treasure will appear.

Love and joy to all.

January 7, 2016

A soft comfy story of life, love and the magic of possibilities. The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan

Read it?  If not...then maybe this would be a good book for the cool winter nights.
A soft comfy story of life, love and the magic of possibilities.
Never say never... and you will see this from page to page in The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan
Available on Amazon.com

January 6, 2016

A timeless story for your little ones from the timeless realm by DBLorgan

Five lovely reviews so far for Forever Mom and Dad.. I am so pleased!
As it continues and I see by those that have read it many things.
I realized this is for all the children to see their Mom and Dad are FOREVER. Whether they divorce or for a reason in life the little ones are adopted.
Truly it is a book to touch their little hearts.
I see as well as they get older they will understand this more and their questions will be answered.
It is a timeless story given to me by a timeless realm.
What a gift..
Author DBLorgan

Available on Amazon.com
Soon another story to add to the gifts. "My wish for YOU"


WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards for Wedding Officiant DBLorgan

 WeddingWire Couples' Choice Awards 
 Recipients represent the top five percent of wedding professionals within the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. 
Congratulations Wedding Officiant DBLorgan

Wedding Officiant DB. Lorgan Reviews

January 1, 2016

Everything is always working out for me - I have listened to Esther for years.

My wish for YOU almost ready... DBLorgan

It's fun when I am almost ready to finish one book.
Then the title for the next is given to me.

First one is available now,titled "Forever Mom and Dad" (The never ending story of YOU)

Second: "My wish for YOU". (Story is completed,just waiting for the illustrations.)
Working on them now: 1/1/16

Third: "The three faces of YOU."
I havent been given the story yet but I know where it is going to go.. And I know how to wait for my spirit guides to give it to me..
I love this..

I still have to finish my novel "In the Eye of the Beholder" as well.
It is to follow my first novel: The Memory Barrel, Second Edition..
Life is amazing and never a dull moment for sure.
All my books are available on Amazon.com

Much love to all

December 30, 2015

Happy almost New Years... It will be filled with joy

Once a year everyone wishes the other a happy new year. It is hoping that the upcoming year will bring us all joy.
I know with my world and what I have learned you can segment intend the year ahead. How?
By keeping it simple and not being specific in details..
Such as I want to laugh
I want to find new places to make my heart sing.
I will meet new people and make new friends.
But mostly.. I will have assuredly so JOY and FUN

So happiest of joyful fun in 2016 to you all. 

Minister and most importantly
Mom and Friend

Can you see this? Then your alive... by DBLorgan

Can you see this? 
Then your alive...there is still more for you to do in this realm.
Find your happy.
It is there,you have had a glimmer of it for sometime.
Yes,you have responsibilities and that takes a lot of your day. 
But you can spare hmm lets see maybe twenty minutes ? 
Then tomorrow ten, then everyday it will be a habit to do. 
What do you think?

December 29, 2015

The story that answers so much for our children: Forever Mom and Dad by DBLorgan

Another review posted on Amazon for my children's story for all ages..
Thank you so much.. may words shared allow others to read this to their little ones.
Actually it is for adults as well.. :)
When you look through the world in a child's point of view I think it allows us to remember the things time has managed to cover within our hearts.
This story was given to me when I asked how to show our little ones of their angels. My hand couldn't write fast enough and even more was given than I ever expected.

Love to all

Amazon listing:
Forever Mom and Dad (The Never Ending Story of YOU) (Volume 1)

December 28, 2015

Time to create a new chapter.. not a resolution a chapter to carry you through years to come.

Count down for the close of 2015.
Reflecting back it has been a good year. Many experiences I will always remember and some I would select to forget.
I will not make a resolution since I never do..
I create a segment intend process. I think a dream board would be a good choice, one that expands through out the years to come not just holding it to take place in one segmented year. But for all the years to come.

What do you say? I think it is "DREAM BOARD TIME" ladies...

Start gathering your dreams thoughts today...
Let me give you a few to consider to put on it.. lol
This one is for abundance.. unlimited abundance...
A field of flowers to play in, calmness of life to float downstream in your existence. The thoughts go on and on....
If you cant have a visual, it is hard to bring it to you. So here are a few..

Namaste DB

December 26, 2015

The Moment by DBLorgan

Author DB Lorgan

I wrote this so long ago... I am walking through my files of writing and came upon this again.
I will have it in "In the Eye of the Beholder".. when will that come to pass. Well it is and has been half done. For some reason..I was directed to do the books for the little ones which I absolutely love!!!
So here it is...

Her stillness was evident as her heart raced observing the other with her. She smiled seeing the sparkle in the eyes and wrinkles that shared the time passing. Hair showed a hint of gray, but when you’re in love this doesn’t seem to capture your eyes you enjoy their presence.. The softness of their presence.
The silence was deafening, yet words in her heart, she knew she had to ask.. It was everything.
“Do you love me?” Her voice quivered as she was surprised to the words vibrating from her soul. Hoping the answer that came was what her very being depended on.
Now with more confidence she echoed the words again.
“Do you love me?”
Her voice knew assuredly the answer that was coming.. that she wanted with everything to hear.
“Yes, I love you… with every part of my being I love you. I adore you beyond anyone else you have ever been with. No one will come between us in this realm or the next. We are one.”
“Beyond anyone?”
“Anyone!” the voice was now assured and loving.
She could hardly hold the tears back. “Finally!!” she said “finally… it was all worth it!” She said..
Helen turned towards the door in her room. As her reflection now turned with her from the mirror, she carried the words she needed to understand.
I get it, she laughed so loud.. I truly get it! ~ {By DBLorgan}

December 21, 2015

It's a small world... surprises appear when you least expect it!

It's a small world:
The other day my grand daughter Brittany shared her son Micheal (my great grandson) was at school. (They live in Georgia)
He was so excited and told his mom.. My teacher had The Memory Barrel on her desk!!!! When he saw it he said.."My Meme wrote that!"
She was so surprised and said she was given it as a gift and was going to read it. She said it is a small world isn't it Micheal?.. haha
(Micheal had his own little angel thing moment!!)
I asked which copy did she have he said the blue one. I immediately sent out the "second edition" for him to gift to her. Signed of course..
Now how fun is that??
I love how excited he was!!!

The second edition will touch your heart as the first but more was given to me as I went back and revisited the story. 
Inside the explanation is given why I felt I needed to write a second edition.
Available on Amazon
Life is amazing and I will always wait for the surprises!!