May 15, 2016

Carry with you treasures not trash......pack it throw it or give it away!

"Let go of the past and it will let go of you.."
I posted this yesterday and said today I would give you suggestions and ideas how to make this happen.
First: Look at it and decide if you learned from it.
Two: You won't be able to let it go or release it until you view it differently.
So let's see how to do this:
This "experience" is and will have an ongoing connection to you. Until you re-view " it again".{ Not discuss it totally so that it kicks the energy of it up again and brings it to life. We don't want to do that!}
View it from above it. Not as a participant, but looking at it from afar.
Now ... look at it as a "teacher" as a professor of this experience.
When you were in it and surrounded by it you were a "student".
You're smiling.. I think you get this analogy. Good!
Well, as a former student of this experience you PASSED..YOU MADE IT..
Now professor what will you do with this knowledge you have acquired?
Oh, you can do many things with it.
For one thing, if you see anyone else walking through the same experience you can decide to help them or not. Kind of like what I am doing with you right now.
Can you give others what they need as I am giving to you?
Words of encouragement
Words of support
Words of confidence it will stop and it will pass
You decide....
I think in your heart you know you will be able to. By doing this you're changing the "effect" the "energy" of the emotion you have carried for quite some time.
Now lets go back to YOU ..
After you have read the above and "get it" . Thank Spirit for all you came through. For bringing you through it. Appreciation and Gratitude FOR ALL is good for the soul. Now.. This is what I did.
I wrote it down. I wrote what I felt and not being too specific I wrote a letter of forgiveness. To the person or the experience. I wrote I will leave this to Spirit to take care of me and my life knowing this was temporary and a experience to be honored to know it will never come again.
Then I took it in the grass and burned it. 
Letting the ashes of it go to Spirit and LET IT GO.
Go within your home and anything that reminds you of this. If it holds the energy of me remembering this moment. You need to do something with it.
Pack it, throw it or give it away.  Just take it visually from your essence.
Light a candle thanking your spirit beings that surround you for taking such loving care of you..
Now listen to soft music and feel the release of the energy.

This of course works if you want it to.
Some people enjoy talking and re sharing the experience for many personal reasons. This is to LET IT GO.
To continue your journey only carrying treasures not trash. Now you can carry the trash forever and a day. But I love carrying my treasures.
Much love to you on your journey my friend.
Namaste DBLorgan

May 14, 2016

It is time...

It is time...

Tomorrow I will give you suggestions on how to do this!

Love to all

May 12, 2016

Unplug the stress and worry by DBLorgan

Just to guide you through overwhelm or stress:

Try to change your thought of what is concerning you. 
Think of something that makes you smile. A moment or someone. It is turning off the vibration that is feeding it within your mind. 
The moment or experience is not being given more energy by you. 
Listen to music, light a white candle and most assuredly GO OUTSIDE...take a walk or find a park, lake or something that you will be able to calm yourself. 

Remember your angels are always right beside you.
Tell them you need their help. 

Then words or signs will be given what to do next.
No storm lasts forever. In a few days you will look back on this and say.. Why was I so worried? I am taken care of, everything always works out.

 {Namaste DBLorgan}

May 7, 2016

In time and slow but always moving it comes....

All in time .....

This looks like a disorganized mess. But it is my next novel In the Eye of the Beholder. I have saved words given to me since the beginning of creating this story. (You can see)
For the last few weeks scanning the words on my pc now to gather all the pages it makes me smile . So much has already been given I just had to wait for my being ready to focus on it. 
The Memory Barrel needed to be revised first. Last April the second edition was completed and released. 
Now I am shown to go with the flow and share this book that truly was given to me.
I even have the ending right here in front of me.
My heart races with excitement it is truly a book of magical possibilities. I continue. DB

April 7, 2016

It is good to look back to see how far you have come... DBLorgan

Apr 7, 2010 Author DB Lorgan
April 7, 2010 at 7:50am ·
 WhenI first opened the box with my first novel inside.. I sobbed.
Now I wrote a second edition and my
angels had more to say.
To release this on the night of the
blue moon was a huge step for me.
I now am an author..
Touching hearts all over the world.