October 29, 2015

Pre available give away from Author DBLorgan

Surprise before available giveaway!
 For all reviews posted on Amazon for "The Memory Barrel Second edition
I will send you a signed copy of my first children's book. "Forever Mom and Dad"
Yes, this includes those that already have left a review.
Have fun!
This will be available until December 30,2015
*Forever book will be available for the holidays. 
To order The Memory Barrel signed copy from me write dblorgan@hotmail.com. It is available on Amazon or where ever books are sold *
Please share.
The Memory Barrel has touched hearts all over the world from the first edition to the second. 
The second came to be after realizing I had sent the wrong file to my publisher. 
The story was the same, but with grammer errs within it had to be fixed. As I was "fixing" I discovered there was more to be added to the story.
It was wonderful to experience going from oh no to oh now I see why this happened.
So with my recommendation, I would say.. Purchase the second edition. 
As for 
Forever Mom and Dad
This is a story that came to pass after a moment with my four year old grandson.
He had questions on his angels and I found it was something that needed to be addressed. Not just for him, but for all the children of the world. 
Thus it came to be.
This is my first children's book and I love it. 
My next is also written called: My Wish for YOU.

Both are waiting to have the final swoosh by the editing staff.
Contact me for further information on my books, or my life at

Minister of Life/Author/Wedding Officiant 


October 23, 2015

Come walk with me as books are flowing and coming alive. It is truly an angel thing!!

Books are flowing easily and freely as I wait for my last two children's books to be available to share.
Forever Mom and Dad
My wish for YOU
 They just came as I asked. Then after the words were given I knew I had to draw all the illustrations for them. I have finished Forever Mom and Dad it will be available in late November. Though I wasnt anticipating another book coming so quickly it did.  Titled: My wish for YOU.
Now I begin the painting for this book.
This entire experience has totally taken me by surprise. I am excited and love the idea of little children enjoying these stories.

As I layed in bed this morn I thought what next?
And I was reminded of this one.. this book I was given the idea of in 2009 when my first novel was released.
Hmm... everything in its time comes. It is ready to appear now..
I am ready for it to appear now..

                                                                     “Mother May I.”
                                                                                                   By DBLorgan

We all remember the game "Mother May I "…. Take one step forward yet not without saying Mother may I?…. A game.. But was it?  Do things occur in our life and we just don’t understand the significance of it at that moment..
  Yes, I think so…
     As mothers, we all have walked through this life experiencing and learning life lessons. It wasn’t just for us…….. It was for others too.. I feel we are all here to learn lessons and to teach to others what we have learned.. 
To soothe the soul with the gentleness of a mother's caress…(or father’s)
Thus this process of touching someone in our life, not that all aren't important, but to give our daughters a moment.
        Give them a soft voice, a kind word, directions when they have a hard time seeing their path, confidence that they can be what they choose.  I ask you to share with me, to share with others in my book your one lesson to your daughter…one moment that was an awakening for you.  A personal letter to your daughter(s) from you.
Written in that format…
     I will not tell you what to write. I ask that you put yourself in a quiet moment. Listen to soft music and think of her(them). What would you tell her if it was just one letter, one lesson to guide her through life?
               I feel this is a book long overdue for our girls….
With your help it can be. Send me your letters, if you need help, please contact me.  
Length for each letter? Well a page would do well. Font size 12
If you aren't familiar just send me your letter and I will format it all. I have an editing staff for this too. So no worries on grammar okay??
Come join in the fun of touching life’s one moment at a time.
I look forward to meeting you.
 With a sincere heart,

October 20, 2015

Synchronicity of thoughts with my new book release. Forever Mom and Dad by DBLorgan

Synchronicity of spirit.. 
Wayne Dyer passed to the next realm not very long ago.. This was his last book "called Memories of heaven" ..
I was so surprised since it is of course not as my next book but the message is the same.
I love Wayne and his words of guidance and have for years. Now to see we were getting the same message well this truly made me smile.
A story of: 
Selecting your parents, seeing there is a life before this one that yes we did have a say to what is taking place now..( appreciation for the messages!! )
When they come I share, it is just my way.
Forever Mom and Dad by DBLorgan will be available by late November.
I love it when my angels show me people of like minds share same.
Available on Amazon and where ever books are sold.

Have a wonderful day.. and follow your dreams!

October 17, 2015

DBLorgan books and more now on Etsy

 Where ever I have to go or do I will to share the stories given to me.
So come see me.. and lets celebrate life together.
If you have special items that I can list to touch the hearts of young and old. Then 
message me at DBLorgan@hotmail.com
We are all here to enjoy this life and share a laugh a smile a moment.

 I was surprised I could list my books on Etsy.. Soo here we go.
I am going to be selling other items there as well.
Things I love that enhance my life and now to share them with you.
So keep checking in...


October 15, 2015

A wonderfully enlightened story for children of all ages: FOREVER MOM AND DAD by DBLorgan

 Forever Mom and Dad 
by DBLorgan

Amazon will be selling my book for 9.95 plus shipping.
Coming by December 1st 2015
Just in time for the holidays!!
I will inform you when it is available.
My heart is racing since the next book has appeared to me.
The next one will be a soft story to read to your children at night. 
Called My Wish for YOU...
Much love to you all

About the author

When I spoke with my four year old grandson of angels, the look on his face made me realize I needed to find a way to allow him to understand. There are so many things we want to teach them, but finding the perfect words the perfect moment is so precious.
I have always had a gift of touching the little ones. Being a teacher of hundreds. I would call them tiny tots to the teens in a bible group I was a part of for over thirty years.
Creating plays, taking stuffed animals to teach them about life, games being given to me to create from spirit. Costumes and re-enacting of bible stories or just life and living it well.  I was honored, even the adults loved them. It was a joyful time. I parted from this gathering being guided to the true essence of who I was.
Yet the children never left my heart.
My angels have brought that same love to me again now that I am an author. I will listen and will be guided with every book, with every moment with them. Teaching them about life and living it well.

 When they arrive in this realm, they still have the vision of perfection and gliding essence that occurs. They have no walls, nor have they been taught any. 
Everything is possible in their eyes, and when you age, this disappears through life experiences; the glow of possibilities becomes overshadowed by doubt.

When a teacher isn't present to keep the glow, this is an inevitable occurrence.
I  asked the guides and angels that surround me. Being of those that possess creative talents needed, if they would assist. Why? Because I ask. "Please surround me with the vision of the story to be told."
The words began to come, pictures appearing within my mind. My hands couldn't write fast enough, as the book came alive within moments.
 A book created not only for my grandson Roman, but all the children
I am here to give back the glow....
It is just what I do...


October 14, 2015

It is almost ready: The Never Ending Story of YOU book one: Forever Mom and Dad by DBLorgan

The Cover for my first children's book. 
The Never Ending Story of You
Book one
Forever Mom and Dad
 by DBLorgan

 A story of blending this realm and spirit. Of angels and guides prior to your arriving here and showing you are never ever alone. You chose what you are to create here including your parents. There is a blending within for adopted children too.
I was given this and as it is given I share.. so just being me and doing what I do. Adding a little glitter to life... :)

Waiting now for the editing crew to make one last swoop and then it will be in production. It will be available for the littles for Christmas. I will let you know the cost as soon as it is confirmed.
Available on Amazon in late November 
or where ever books are sold.
Keep watching.. here it comes.
Love to all..

The Never Ending Story of you

Book One
Forever Mom and Dad

How does one teach a little one of things they have no idea of?
When I spoke with my four year old grandson of angels, the look on his face made me realize I needed to find a way to allow him and other little ones to understand.
I have created the title for a series of books called:
The Never Ending Story of YOU
This is book one the beginning of many. Forever Mom and Dad.
A story of destiny and the blending of spiritual realm with the earthly.
It is about life. "Life never ending" as they will learn they are and abide within.

These books will be on a level so they can understand about all aspects of life
There are so many things we want to teach them and experience is the best teacher.
I know they will enjoy listening of life and be given answers to unasked questions.

I dedicate all my books to the little ones of all ages.
Who allowed me to be inspired to create these stories.
May they show you that you are special and so dearly loved

October 12, 2015

Touch the hearts you love for the holidays with a personally signed copy of "The Memory Barrel Second Edition" by DBLorgan

The Memory Barrel * Second edition by DBLorgan
An excellent comfy read for those crisp cool nights. 
Order from amazon or a personal signed copy directly from me.. 
It is sure to touch your heart.
It is touching hearts all over the world. I am so pleased!
Love and appreciation DBLorgan 
( a lovely Christmas gift as well)
Many are asking for personally signed copies..
Send $10 plus 2.95 shipping to: Diane Lorgan PO box 223 Geneseo NY 14454

On Amazon 12.95 plus s/h

 An awakening for the reader 

of life in this realm and the next. 

"The blending"

The Memory Barrel Second Edition Link on Amazon 


October 8, 2015

I am almost ready with my first childrens book "The Never Ending Story of YOU" by DBLorgan

Well I am almost ready... two more paintings to complete and then adding them to my first ever children's book.
"The Never Ending Story of YOU" this will be a series of books under this title.
The first one is: Forever Mom and Dad..
So what do you think? Yes I painted and drew them all with the help of the other realm of course. 
I ask and my hand is guided. 
I love being able now to touch the little ones with words of learning and showing them how wonderful they truly are. 
Stay in touch.. there will be more coming..
Watch for it on Amazon and where ever books are sold. 

September 24, 2015

Welcome to my world of creating wedding moments remembered for a lifetime. Wedding Officiant DBLorgan

From writing books to touching life with two so in love. My life glows.
Write me at dblorgan@hotmail.com to see if we can be together.
I create with you each ceremony with all you want to take place.
It is an honor for me to be with you as you begin your first chapter in your forever.

September 18, 2015

YOU create your world.. so chose wisely DBLorgan

I have learned and shared so many choices and ways to look at things over the years. Some or most have proven by experience they work.
Will they do the same for you..
Yes to some of you. I have seen it.
Putting paper in your pockets with a word written.
Stones changing energy around you and within..
How your thoughts bring to you what you are sending out. Both good and bad.
The list goes on and on.....
But my most important is to make you aware of your angels and guides.
To let you know your loved ones still abide within life itself. The white feathers, the signs.. some are not family that has passed. You have angels with you from the moment you take your first breath.
It is all so real to me and to some of you..
So I wish for you today the moment to say.... I love my life and joy surrounds me neverendingly.. I am so loved. I can experience and have in my life whatever I chose.
Namaste DB

September 17, 2015

Everyday Angels by Mark Moulton read by DBLorgan

My first book "to read" for all the little ones in this realm.I am
doing this to share gifts of other authors to touch the childrens
hearts. If you have any suggestion let me know..
I am writing children's books and the first one will be available by the holidays.
MY first is called The Never Ending Story of YOU... Book one "Forever Mom and Dad.
Much love and joy to all

September 15, 2015

Coming by the holidays: The first book of the series: "The Never Ending Story of YOU" by DBLorgan

"The Never Ending Story of YOU" series {by yours truly}.... first book is titled:
Forever Mom and Dad
Drawing 15 visuals for this and I am so excited for the little ones to have this read to them.
Paints out on table today with half of the pictures created..
Candles lit and music playing..
This will be available for the holidays. 
Love to all DBLorgan
Watch for this to be available on Amazon and other sites. 

September 6, 2015

My new upcoming Childrens Novels: The Never Ending Story of YOU... by DBLorgan

 How does this process begin?
As in many things you are given the thoughts and vision of a new picture, book or creative moment.
Mine was writing a sweet story for the little ones to understand how they came to be.
No not the human way but the way of spirit..
I asked and it was given so quickly and easily. My pencil just couldnt move fast enough in my hand.
Now as I have had it sent and formatted.. I see it is two stories..
Thus understood this title : The Never Ending Story of YOU..is to be a series of soft sweet books for our little ones and even the older to read and enjoy.
How fun.. to be a part of this.
The first book I am seeing as called: Forever Parents
Oh it might change haha.. but we will see.
Now I am painting the illustrations so hopefully this will be ready for the holidays.
I am also going to make an audio of it to be bought seperately since I am personally doing it myself.
I havent discovered yet how to sell it directly with the book but it will come.
So stay in touch..
I will keep updating as I go along.
This series is a true : Angel Thing

August 29, 2015

Why is the full moon enlivening to me?

Why is the light of the full moon so enlivening to me?
 It isn't for spells or conjuring it is a calmness for me.
 As I sit alone in the darkness the light just seems to surround me. I am alone (yet not) feeling the peace and calm of life. Yes I have my way of communications with the spirit realm but words need not be said that are heard with the ears. It is words within my soul and heart. Appreciation,peace.calmness and loving my life.
If I am stirring on a experience I ask for guidance. I do this in the day light as well by the water and standing within nature.
I do what pleases me and know I am loved by all that is life.
My stones are created within the earth as the sunlight and moon radiate around them. There is energy within them. I carry certain ones with me and others surround within my home. The earth covers them no longer but they are within my home so I place them outside within the sun sometimes and the moon light.
It is what I do....
Namaste DBLorgan

August 8, 2015

The first BIG JUMP and the rest just comes together.. by DBLorgan

As we sat having our morning coffee.. Out on our tree is the most amazing spider web.
Who notices these smallest moments and admires the patience and determination to complete a piece of art. I DO.. haha
So look at this and realize it just began with ONE BIG JUMP... then the rest just came together. Oh maybe it fell at first try but it came back and tried again.
Just sending you a visual that if one of the tiniest of creatures can make something amazing so can you..
We are here to tell you, that you can do it!!!
                                                          (Namaste DBLorgan)