September 24, 2015

Welcome to my world of creating wedding moments remembered for a lifetime. Wedding Officiant DBLorgan

From writing books to touching life with two so in love. My life glows.
Write me at to see if we can be together.
I create with you each ceremony with all you want to take place.
It is an honor for me to be with you as you begin your first chapter in your forever.

September 18, 2015

YOU create your world.. so chose wisely DBLorgan

I have learned and shared so many choices and ways to look at things over the years. Some or most have proven by experience they work.
Will they do the same for you..
Yes to some of you. I have seen it.
Putting paper in your pockets with a word written.
Stones changing energy around you and within..
How your thoughts bring to you what you are sending out. Both good and bad.
The list goes on and on.....
But my most important is to make you aware of your angels and guides.
To let you know your loved ones still abide within life itself. The white feathers, the signs.. some are not family that has passed. You have angels with you from the moment you take your first breath.
It is all so real to me and to some of you..
So I wish for you today the moment to say.... I love my life and joy surrounds me neverendingly.. I am so loved. I can experience and have in my life whatever I chose.
Namaste DB

September 17, 2015

Everyday Angels by Mark Moulton read by DBLorgan

My first book "to read" for all the little ones in this realm.I am
doing this to share gifts of other authors to touch the childrens
hearts. If you have any suggestion let me know..
I am writing children's books and the first one will be available by the holidays.
MY first is called The Never Ending Story of YOU... Book one "Forever Mom and Dad.
Much love and joy to all

September 15, 2015

Coming by the holidays: The first book of the series: "The Never Ending Story of YOU" by DBLorgan

"The Never Ending Story of YOU" series {by yours truly}.... first book is titled:
Forever Mom and Dad
Drawing 15 visuals for this and I am so excited for the little ones to have this read to them.
Paints out on table today with half of the pictures created..
Candles lit and music playing..
This will be available for the holidays. 
Love to all DBLorgan
Watch for this to be available on Amazon and other sites. 

September 6, 2015

My new upcoming Childrens Novels: The Never Ending Story of YOU... by DBLorgan

 How does this process begin?
As in many things you are given the thoughts and vision of a new picture, book or creative moment.
Mine was writing a sweet story for the little ones to understand how they came to be.
No not the human way but the way of spirit..
I asked and it was given so quickly and easily. My pencil just couldnt move fast enough in my hand.
Now as I have had it sent and formatted.. I see it is two stories..
Thus understood this title : The Never Ending Story of to be a series of soft sweet books for our little ones and even the older to read and enjoy.
How fun.. to be a part of this.
The first book I am seeing as called: Forever Parents
Oh it might change haha.. but we will see.
Now I am painting the illustrations so hopefully this will be ready for the holidays.
I am also going to make an audio of it to be bought seperately since I am personally doing it myself.
I havent discovered yet how to sell it directly with the book but it will come.
So stay in touch..
I will keep updating as I go along.
This series is a true : Angel Thing

August 29, 2015

Why is the full moon enlivening to me?

Why is the light of the full moon so enlivening to me?
 It isn't for spells or conjuring it is a calmness for me.
 As I sit alone in the darkness the light just seems to surround me. I am alone (yet not) feeling the peace and calm of life. Yes I have my way of communications with the spirit realm but words need not be said that are heard with the ears. It is words within my soul and heart. Appreciation,peace.calmness and loving my life.
If I am stirring on a experience I ask for guidance. I do this in the day light as well by the water and standing within nature.
I do what pleases me and know I am loved by all that is life.
My stones are created within the earth as the sunlight and moon radiate around them. There is energy within them. I carry certain ones with me and others surround within my home. The earth covers them no longer but they are within my home so I place them outside within the sun sometimes and the moon light.
It is what I do....
Namaste DBLorgan

August 8, 2015

The first BIG JUMP and the rest just comes together.. by DBLorgan

As we sat having our morning coffee.. Out on our tree is the most amazing spider web.
Who notices these smallest moments and admires the patience and determination to complete a piece of art. I DO.. haha
So look at this and realize it just began with ONE BIG JUMP... then the rest just came together. Oh maybe it fell at first try but it came back and tried again.
Just sending you a visual that if one of the tiniest of creatures can make something amazing so can you..
We are here to tell you, that you can do it!!!
                                                          (Namaste DBLorgan)


July 30, 2015

This is how the Universe works for you: An amazing teacher shows clarity.

Healing energy for you to consider: The Quartz Stones : Living to learn and learning to live DBLorgan

Powerful healing available for you that doesn't come from a prescription in a bottle.
When did I realize the power of quartz in 2004.
A native American I met shared so much with me as our friendship began.
This was truly life changing for me. I was having a serious health journey.
Who or what created these amazing stones. Man?.. not the ones that I use.
So buy some quartz each stone has elements that heal the cells of your body. Or calms the energy within your body..
So much to see and learn if you want.. Namaste DBLorgan

July 28, 2015

The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan an awakening for the reader of life in this realm and the next.. The Blending

From Author DBLorgan
The Memory Barrel~ Second Edition
This edition still holds the enchanting magic of the first edition of "The Memory Barrel" that touched almost 2000 readers. I intentionally sent it to my publisher on a specific night.
It was a blue moon night on new years eve 2009.
Within this edition it's explained why I had to create the new version. It will make you gasp and smile. It had to be perfect for my next novel "In the Eye of the Beholder" to follow.
Enjoy, "The Memory Barrel `Second Edition" as it was meant to be.
{A book such as this comes along once in a blue moon!} I know you will enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

Signed copies available from the author:
Write to: DBLorgan PO Box 223 Geneseo, New York 14454 {$12.50 plus s/h 2.95 in the USA}
or order from amazon or wherever books are sold.

                        Reading and signing gatherings: Write to

July 26, 2015

Universal Spirit Law doesn't hear yes or no....Author/Minister DBLorgan

If you look at something you want, you say yes to it.
When you look at what you don't want and say no to it, you are still pulling this to you.

The universe of spirit doesn't hear yes or no..
It just sees what your attention is drawn to. 

Then it comes.. anger brings more, stress brings more, worry brings more.
This is the law of attraction. It is how the laws of the universe work.
So lets make this easy..
Unplug whatever thoughts that cause you negative concern. Just for a bit..
Then come back if it is still in your face..
Take it head on.
THEN unplug again.
Let it run its course till you change the thought of well this is feeling better. It isnt consuming you so much.
Take a breath.. and unplug again.
Turn music on.. go outside take a walk.
Light a candle or smudge yourself and your home.

Clear it but remember the contrast is good for us. It gives you clarity to what you want.

Sooo what to do..
Only look at what you want.
Make a dream board, surround yourself with visuals and people that make your life enhanced.

"You have to decide not to give a rip what others think"... Your life your story..
Your choices..
You are here to experience the joy in life. Not to earn some credits of how much you can endure. Really? Well that is how some of us were taught. Our rewards will be more in heaven...your rewards or GIFTS of life are NOW. Don't allow anyone to take that away from you. 

Well there I go again.. haha on a verbal chattery thing..
It's what I do..
Love you and happy life my friends.

Here is an excellent book of a man on a walk in the woods comes in contact with a sage. He is taught to examine his choices and decisions in life. I know you will love it..
Also I have found that Esther Hickes and her teachings through the spirit of Abraham are always intriguing and enjoyable.

July 25, 2015

A sad journey does not bring a happy ending. Time to change your story!

I heard this today:
"A sad journey does not bring a happy ending."
It makes sense, sad brings more sadness. Anger brings more strife.
So whata ya say??
Ya might want to change your story.
How? Look at your life what ever it is that is upsetting and say this will pass. There are always obstacles on your journey come on did you really think all this time I was saying ohhh everything is just hunky dorie.
 No.. Of course not.
But glide around those moments. Look at the good you do have. Focus on those things and let the energy of life take care of the junk..
Appreciation and Gratitude is every thing.
Just look deeper and closer.
You will see them..
My wish for you is to say you will have a happy ending.
So start NOW...
Namaste DBLorgan

July 23, 2015 one can stop you from dreaming unless you allow them too. Author DBLorgan

If you have a hard time just envisioning what you would love to experience in your life. 
Make a dream board.
Find pictures online and copy them. Of what? 
A healthy body that you would enjoy having, a playful fun time with family, peace and serenity, abundance in life in all areas. 
Places to travel and experience. 
It is your dream board make it what makes you smile and your heart excited to see it is possible.
Walk into the picture as if it already is.
Feel the excitement and fun of it.
(In time it will come to you)
  Namaste DB

July 17, 2015

Choices in directions makes all the difference to how your day goes. Your choice ! DBLorgan

Row row row your boat...
You know the song..
Just softly sing it to yourself.. awe come on you can do it!!
Does it say chugging and lugging along or worrying and stressing along?
Does it say upstream or down the stream.. Um hum I thought so..

When you ROW your going upstream but looking towards "downstream" and going away from the ease and flow.. haha.. yes I analyze everything it just comes naturally..
Remember also that at times someone is trusting you to make the right choices.(Your kids)
Because they are right in the boat with you.

Now have a fun day which ever direction you take.. but hey I'm going downstream. I think the says   "MERRILY IN THERE TOO"..
Hope to see you there maybe we can stop along the bank and have a picnic. I'll bring the sandwiches.. 
One thing to notice... when your going downstream you don't need the oars.. just to guide. HAVE A MERRILY HAPPY DOWNSTREAM DAY...

Namaste DB

July 11, 2015

ASK the angels for others you can do this... DBLorgan

 I asked... for him

My wedding yesterday though, it was so emotionally draining for me. Thoughts coming from the night before. Being guided by all that surrounds me. I truly appreciated all of you taking time in your day to think of us there. The messages at my tree let me see what would take place. Give them joy Diane that is what you do.
So with leaves and pieces of my tree in my trunk WE went to the wedding.
I smiled as I pulled in front of the cottage. The gardens that surrounded it were breathtaking. I introduced myself to those outside and asked where my groom was.
He was still getting ready.
You see many of my couples I meet face to face at the rehearsal or wedding. We just seem to know each other. Well, they know me from my photo on my website lol.
I know when illness occurs and from the past for myself and others. You have to ASK.. decide if you still have more to do in this realm and ask. I have done it for others and saw such a blessing for them and the family. Now let me say right here I claim nothing at all of myself. I am just a voice... I ASK with all I have and that is all. Soooo I just wanted to touch him (he has brain cancer).. My angels were very aware of the circumstances. Yet I know of the white light.. I did tell him about it in our phone conversations.
I walked to the gazebo and smiled seeing a chime that was at least 5ft tall. Of course I gonged it..haha.. I had to hear the sound. It was strong and lovely. Then I walked up to arrange the table with all my "things" they requested. A hand binding, a sage blessing on the rings (which I added some bark and leaves from my tree within it) and also a special wooden box segment that I do.
It was ready.
As I looked toward the house a man of stature walked slowly towards me. I smiled and he said there you are. I said Hi Joe...I gave him a hug. Playfully joked with him and he laughed. I just needed to touch him..
He didn't know what I was doing.. But I asked... and I ASKED and ASKED..
I walked to the water waiting for all to come celebrate this moment.
What did I ask? For him to live longer to create memories with his beloved. It was everything.
At the ceremony I told them on their fifth wedding anniversary I would come be with them again.. He glowed saying YES..... So did she.
Yes, there was much, much more.. But know I felt all of you, as I was performing the ceremony butterflies flew to the side of us. I heard a coo of the doves near by often and then the wind made the chime play its melody half way through the ceremony.
Thank you.. Thank you to all that is life for allowing me to do this. And a special thank you to all of you for handling my seemingly crazy way of viewing this life and smiling right beside me.  You are so loved.. Diane

 My tree that I have sat next to for years in all seasons.. In the winter my foot steps are the only one leading to it..

July 9, 2015

Life in this realm and life in the next blend together always.. DBLorgan

Family forever and a day

Many of us have had loved ones pass to the next realm. The sadness covers us all for a while. But they are always there, signs are given by them. Conversations can take place this realm and the other coincide together. No one ever dies the death of never existing again. Truly
My son passed in November of last year. He does chat with me from time to time. It makes me smile. I love him so. At first when he changed he always said he was sorry.. continuously. I told him it was okay. 
Well last night he came in my dream and visited. Yes, when we parted again I cried not as when he left this realm. With joy to know our connections are strong. They were so damaged while he was here. I had such a hard time reaching him in the world he created for himself.
So loves please know the same with your loved ones is happening to you. 

Be aware of the signs. Our spirit body is in this body just for a time..
I don't just write about it... I live it because I know it is true. Namaste DB

Allow me to add this.. when they appear it isn't always as you remember them while they were here. I mean if they were in a wheel chair here well of course not there.. on and on. His stature was of a 12 or 13 yr old. He had the same smile I remember that is how I recognized him. I stroked his face though no one else saw him. As we spoke those that were around thought I lost my mind. Haha.. well shoot I lost that along time ago as my Scotsman says.. 
So be patient... they will come when you are ready. 
I promise !!!

July 7, 2015

Another review for my novel: The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition

The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition
By DBLorgan
By Kathy A. Yehl on July 5, 2015
Format: Paperback
This is a story about how dreams do really come true. If you believe in angels and that they are all around you always anything you set your mind to do you will accomplish. Debra Pratt was a very strong and determined woman. Much of the storyline I am sure at some point in everyone's life they will go thru struggles that they feel they are alone. You are never alone. I would recommend this to anyone who believes that dreams really do come true. 
Buy your own copy on Amazon or where ever books are sold.
I hope it touches your heart to see there is more to this world than meets the eye.

July 5, 2015

Wedding rehearsal meeting I will never ever forget "an angel thing moment"... DBLorgan

Rehearsal today meeting the couple I will be marrying next Saturday.
But it was so interesting.
I am going to keep a wedding ledger for my kids and grandchildren to read what takes place.Every wedding is special and has amazing moments that take place.
More reviews of my service as a minister officiant are on

But this one will always be within my hear..

They both had been married before and have children. They have one son together his name is Adam. I said Adam how old are you and the fingers went up for five. I smiled
Then his mom said oh look it is appearing .. on his little forehead appears a birthmark that only comes out occasionally.
 What was it.. an angel!!
 I am serious on this little boys head is a mark that looks like and angel..
I said ohhh my Adam what a precious gift you have been given. I call that truly "an angel thing"
 I explained it and said like rainbows and shooting stars you have one you wear all the time.
His face just glowed.
Then his parents shared the story of it was almost time for him to be born and her placenta ruptured. It was a life and death moment for them. Then as they took an ultrasound his little head moved over and touched the placenta to hold it from bleeding anymore.
They then did an emergency c section..
Now........... tell me again why did they find me... ??? I am smiling you know why....
Truly... such an honor
He says " I saved my life and my Moms, and now I have an angel kiss."
I love him!!!!!!

July 4, 2015

Silver Lake NY magical moments to share... what fun Author DBLorgan

One day a year this little town of Perry, NY lets the universe know it exists. On the edge of town, Silver Lake glows and radiates its magic.. Such a small lake surrounded by villagers and cottages.
I was able to experience it for the first time.
My Scotsman has tried to share what it is like, but experiencing it is beyond words.
We and many others drove our boats out into the middle of the water.
Now try to see this... we smiled, watching flares go up in front of homes, cheers of people just excited to be together echoed through the hills. At 9:45 a tradition that began years ago the police boat begins to circle the lake. As it passes each cottage lights their flares.. When they are done the entire lake is encircled in a seemingly circle of fire. It was awesome.
Then the sky just filled with magic and wonderment..
I loved every moment...

"May your day be filled with magic and wonderment"
Appreciation brings more, remember how blessed you are.
Author/Minister DBLorgan

July 2, 2015

Readers reviews of my novel: The Memory Barrel Second Edition coming in.. I love it!!

Available where ever books are sold

 Review by reader for my novel:
By SMiller : (Amazon review)
The life of Debra Pratt and her family. Not an ordinary read by any sense of the word. Tears, Laughter, life, death and the stuff that "dreams" are made of....with a twist. A physical and spiritual guide to "happily ever after" She truly will touch your soul and guide your thinking, outside the box.
This book exceeded my expectations and would therefore, highly recommend.

 Another comment from Judy Hartwell Lander: (facebook comment)
 Hi Diane, I just finished your book, I laughed, cried, and so believe in Angels now! I very much enjoyed every word. You are an awesome author and I can't wait to read more! It's a curl up feel good book! Loved it!

June 28, 2015

DBLorgan Wedding moment one of many to always remember in my heart....

The large white tent set next to the aged red barn all decorated patiently waiting for two women to celebrate this moment they had patiently waited for. Years they have been in love and drove with all their family from Ohio to honor me by marrying them.

As we drove up the driveway mother nature had been making herself known since early day. My Scotsman and I have done this so often and words aren’t necessary between us. He knows, we are going to make this fun. I will be given spontaneous things to do as I am always. Why, because my angelic entourage surrounds us too.

Friends and loved ones are coming and never even minding the holding of an umbrella to walking under the protection of the white canvas tent.  I would smile and say now remember it is such good luck to have it rain on your wedding day. They laughed and just were so happy to be with my brides they just didn’t care.  The paranoid dj had to be reassured I would most assuredly take care of his equipment that was connected to my robe. Haha… he has no idea does he?!
Well all were seated two excited women were being escorted to the tent one by her brother and the other by her father. Both men knew they would be welcoming the other to their families.  My thoughts were being guided to the surprise moments to take place. My angelic entourage was with me and no one knew but my Scotsman.
Some sitting in their chairs laughed saying.. you are really planning things aren’t you. I laughed and said.. yes I am..this is going to be a ceremony that will make them smile and laugh as they remember it on every anniversary.

Here they are… as I walk up to them both before they make their entrance. Touching them and calming them to remember I have no rules.. This is their moment, and I was taking this time to have the wind calm and the rain be a soothing calming energy to surround us all. Then I said… now follow me lets have a wedding..

I welcomed all with my playful way and father and brother stood by their beloved sister and daughter waiting for their moment.  I explained how precious it was that they were chosen to escort these lovely women .Now I wanted them to welcome them to their families.. Oh, not by a hug, but by stepping with me out into the rain and dancing with the other. The look of surprise and laughter from them and all their families and friends just echoed through the hills of Skaneatolis.

They playfully danced in the rain with the woman that was going to be a part of their family.. I said if a family can laugh and love each other and dance in the rain what a blessing it is for all..

Yes, that was one moment.. One of many that I will always remember. Let's say the joy surrounded us from beginning to end and I did keep them under the tent for the rest of the ceremony.. lol
I love my job....
and my Scotsman  disconnected my precious microphone returning it to the worrisome dj and brought me my warm coat to surround me as we walked off laughing to each other "That was sooo fun".. they will always remember!!!
Wedding Officiant/Minister DBLorgan

June 27, 2015

Feelings and focus are what will bring all to you....

Turning thoughts to things..
On both areas good and not.. Yes you do this.. you even bring the bad things. How interesting is that?
Your reading this and thinking nooo I don't! Some how you pulled it to you. It is the law of attraction on all levels.
 Soo enjoy the idea of the "good coming"....don't bring thoughts of .. I cant, it wont, it isn't possible....
Think it create it, believe it and see it.
Just try this on a playful kind of a game. Try it.....
Be like a child and make it fun... once you see it can happen then you can adjust the bigger things.

You can do this....

June 22, 2015

The book that is touching hearts all over the world: The Memory Barrel (Second Edition) by DBLorgan

Order where ever books are sold..

This day and my wish for you....

May the sun shine on your day to make you smile but not sweat.. lol
If the rain appears and there is no lightning then don't you dare disappear inside.. Dance in the rain. !! Stop worrying what others think when you are silly and having fun.. 
That's why you're here.. did you forget?
Well if so.. I am here to remind you!!!!
Namaste DBLorgan

June 21, 2015

I love my job!! Creating the happily ever after for couples all over the United States.. DBLorgan

Saturdays wedding was lovely in Rochester at the Artison Works.. they will have the happily ever after for sure!!
Today we drive to Ithaca to begin the first chapter for another couple.. This time at a familiar waterfalls. I have performed many weddings there.
A day to celebrate their first moment as husband and wife
and make my Scotsman smile on Fathers day too.
Have a wonderful day everyone..
 much love to you all.  Namaste DBLorgan