April 7, 2016

It is good to look back to see how far you have come... DBLorgan

I sent this note 6 years ago to my dear friend Sharon. She sent it to me as a memory as it came up on facebook.
I smiled as I read it seeing my life has expanded and been enhanced so much in these last 6 years.

Apr 7, 2010 Author DB Lorgan to Sharon Beller
April 7, 2010 at 7:50am ·
Yesterday was momentous for me.. thank you for walking through it by my side. I had no idea my book would arrive later in the day. I am also pleased we had a revelation before its appearance. I understood all the high anticipation feelings when my daughter in law handed me my box at 4pm. In time we understand all things right? Now praying the world will celebrate with me of my first novel. Namaste Di
Author DB Lorgan 6 years have passed since then. It just flew by didnt it?? Now three more books published and a new life I never anticipated. It is good to look back to where you have come from to appreciate where you are. Thank you Shar for this memory and reminder.. Love you .. Di

  When I first opened the box with my first novel inside.. I sobbed.
Now I wrote a second edition and my angels had more to say.
To release this on the night of the blue moon was a huge step for me.
I now am an author..
Touching hearts all over the world.

March 16, 2016

Our angels brought us together.. 10yrs after I wrote of "us" in a novel called The Memory Barrel

This St Pats day March 17, 2016 it will be 4 years the first day we met "face to face"( we met online).
He shared his fishing stories and I asked him if he if he was familiar with the Isle of Skye in Scotland since he was Scottish.
 He said yes! He had been there twice.
We both laughed so hard as I told him of my novel I wrote and the main character meeting someone that was Scottish and from the Isle of Skye..( I was given that story to write in 2002)....Ten years later he came to me..
Now that is one of my many angel thing moments...

March 8, 2016

The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan is in the process of becoming and audio book.

I have contacted a company through ITunes and Amazon to have my book The Memory Barrel in Audio format. 
Now that is exciting. (ACX is the company) different narrators will send me their test reading of a segment of the book I selected. 
Now this is the next step for this little book that has touched hearts all over the world. "It continues"

March 7, 2016

Weddings your way by NYS Minister Officiant DBLorgan

Always with a smile!!

I am a non-denominational ordained minister
and also a published author.
I live in a small town in New York State named Perry. 
With my Scotsman and our dog named Willow.

I give all I am to make this an amazing moment for you and all who are present. "
I believe in happily ever after. I would love to be with you as you begin the first chapter of your life together.
This ceremonial moment is a blending of two worlds, two lives' that will share dreams and hopes together.This is such an honor for me. This profession of creating unique ceremonies and performing them with you and for you is the high light of my life. I cant think of anything that has given me such joy except having my children.
So take a look... then lets schedule a talk with you both being able to hear me and ask anything freely.
You and all involved will remember it as the most touching ceremony they have ever experienced.
Each year you will walk back and smile to all the fun we had.

When you love something you go the extra mile.
I do.