February 5, 2017

Story of old repeating again in your time. Be aware and pay attention. DBLorgan

Thoughts given….

Experience is the best teacher. When children don’t listen to warnings given then sad to say they come via experience to learn.
There is nothing new under the sun…you should make yourself more familiar with the stories of old to see what is happening now.
No one only a few would listen to him.He hadnt been "among them" for many years. He was not eloquent of speech either. Some just had an attitude of you aren’t qualified, you cant even speak right. How are you going to set us free?
Well as I said "Experience" is the best teacher to make them listen. Ten plaques pretty much did it but hey I am sure some were convinced after the flies were everywhere and in their beds and food.
I know I would have been of those saying what the heck are you doing people.. listen to this man!! Yes Egypt is powerful but we have Yahweh on our side.
Now…… think about when they left.. Did they just skip and dance out of Egypt. Heck NO… they moved "quickly". Millions of them. Now when the red sea was in front of them moans and groans… wines and lets go back they cried. It was better in Egypt at least we know how to survive there whether we have rights or not. Whether we have a voice or not. We had what we needed even though it wasnt perfect.
But they weren’t allowed to stay.Or maybe some did. Now I say to you as Moses said to them.
Shhhhh stand still..
Watch.. and see the salvation of God. Then they saw something amazing.. It opened..the red sea opened ...
Right in front of them. Quickly five in a row millions went through.. Then pharaoh thought as he saw them leaving and his first born was killed he said.. let’s kill them. Not even thinking of the red sea was opened. He wasn’t to familiar in "memory with the land" . Since there was a cloud that divided them. He couldn’t even see where the heck he was going.
Reality hit when God told Moses.. lower your rod as the last Israelite crossed to the other side. Clarity came… don’t mess with the Divine Father of all. As they all lost their physical lives that were led by Pharaoh.
Now.. That is my parable my analogy I was given in even more detail this morn.
Since I was shown when our President was running this to show me he was who was to be our President…
Dont believe it opened? Well the Divine put this same story on your anatomy of your body to say it did.. Just ask.. I will tell you..
Now are you with us or them. Either way we of the truth are not afraid of your rants and rage. We have more behind us than meets your eyes trust me.
Blessing to all and may you see this and not feel it. That is my prayer. DBLorgan
*Dont be so upset Trump is moving so fast and keeping his word to make America safe. Quickly is how the Divine works .. he is a quickening spirit not a doddling spirit..

January 26, 2017

What is my job? .... DBLorgan

I try with my writings and life to make you believe in the things you feel are impossible. 
The magic is within you it has just been clouded over with the world of concrete and impossibilities.
I love my job...

YOUR POINT OF VIEW... by Author DBLorgan

"YOUR point of view"... 
Let's look at it if we can. : this is a parable... as if you were standing by a tree or where ever you are. 
What are you seeing?
Is it what you want to see?
The Great Spirit of life has everything under control, moving and flowing just as it should be. Do you focus on the beauty or the difficulties?
Now... lets maybe look at it from above it or not in the midst of what you're seeing. Don't just stand still and firm in your sight. Move around. 
Maybe there is more to it than your view allows. 
(Angel thoughts given to share...)

Much love to all have a lovely day and look for the good. You will see it more if you do.
Namaste DBLorgan

December 1, 2016

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I am ordering more books tomorrow, for "The Memory Barrel" Second Edition to personally sign.
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This little story of life and wonderment will surely touch your heart as it has thousands all over the world since its release.
It allows you to look at life with a new vision and understanding. When it was given to be to write I was amazed. My hand couldn't stop writing. It is a true "angel thing"
Much love to all.

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October 12, 2016

"Asking" "Believing" and "Allowing" all is possible with Divine Spirit...

Calling on the Divine Father and Mother of all 

To put ease in the hearts of men and women. 
Storms clear the energy and allow for new growth. 
There is a storm in the land of uncertainty. 
Let there be clarity and peace. 
Allowing all to enjoy this realm with their loved ones and people dear to their heart. 
I have seen things that seemed totally impossible cleared and renewed. 
Let nothing hold your thoughts and requests to be hid in the darkness. 
Stand out in the light and ask for peace and patience with understanding. 
Let this be so 
and allow this prayer to soar over this little planet we call earth.

We stand together those of belief
Cast this to the wind and light your candles of peace.