December 10, 2014

Wedding Ceremonies created and performed by Wedding Officiant DBLorgan

Wedding Officiant DBLorgan :Click here...
Let's see if we are to be together for your lovely day.
There is no place to far for me to come to be with you.
"Click the link and see what others say of my ceremonies. "
Video and Pictures to be enjoyed as well.
They are one of a kind..

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All my best

December 5, 2014

Signe Pike: Writers Are Very Busy Striving to Reach New Levels...

A very enjoyable read by Signe Pike

Signe Pike: Writers Are Very Busy Striving to Reach New Levels...:

We love writing. We really do. Storytelling, whether it be fiction or non-fiction is an obsession, an art, an all-consuming devoti...

Another enlightening morning. Angel thoughts shared.

I was given this as I listened to some of the segments on youtube this morning.
It was so enlightening: So I will share.............
"Music".. we all love it.
Every song has different notes within it. If it was all one note it would be boring and we would turn it off.
So such is our life.. We have high notes and low notes. Even occasionally flat notes. But do we stop singing our song? No.....

Some will love your song and some may not. That is expected.
Some songs are fast paced and some mellow easy listening. 


 But don't always expect everything to be high and uplifting or low and kick your butt feelings.
It is the harmony of your life..
 Both are needed for the harmony and your song.
{ Angel thoughts given } DBLorgan

November 21, 2014

A message recieved from the realm that is eternal.

The voice of my angels with me just shared this

 {Experience is the best teacher
but the best teacher and guide are the
You are these thus we guide you through your experiences to share with all.}

 I am ready to it shall be
                                                                 Namaste DBLorgan

October 31, 2014

Segment intending before surgery. A journey of hope and enlightenment. DBLorgan

Segment intending before my surgery
14 Days since my knee replacement

{Reflecting back to before}

I prepared for this or as I say segment intended. First by surrounding myself with all that will empower me. Why? to give me strength beyond what is needed day to day.
My stones, the water, music.. those that understand and love me.
To those that love me:
 "Be the voice I need as the moment sometimes will overtake what I know is true.
To nature and my music:
I went by the water for a few day prior to surgery.
Asking for words of guidance.
I was told.
"Let us take care of you as we always have"
I smiled as the sun reflected on the water and my being given another tree to be my companion.
Since my old oak friend was such a distance from me to sit by. I held in my hand a piece of him, that just the week before I had brought with me. After resting my knee on his trunk I knew I would be given the strength of this amazing tree. I just had to be patient .. be very patient.
It would be coming.
Resting my knee against my old oak in Penn Yan NY

My new friend given to me just days before my surgery. At a park just 17 miles from our home. Do you see the opening? The "handlike" treasure was there for me to see. So I touched him and knew we to would become friends.

My new place for words to come to me as I will continue my journey. A journey of my novel : The Memory Barrel Second Edition to In the Eye of the Beholder already being written.

"Gathering signs to carry with me, setting up where the healing will take place."
" How?" 
Again segment intending. Pictures of my children and my love to see as I woke from the surgery. Stones in front of them and signs of all I love. : a piece of my tree, rose quartz for healing, clear quartz for universal healing.
When I woke all was set as I had asked my Scotsman.
Pictures in place with all that I love. As my Scotsman from exhaustion sleeps beside my bed.

How did all this experience touch myself and all who came in my room?
Loving words and comments on how much they enjoyed seeing the pictures and of what I hold dear. 
~ My love became my eyes and ears and voice as I had asked him to be. ~
Medications blending with my system made it difficult for thought and living as I have.
 Our journey continues.. ~
I will not walk thru to this very moment. Since I know you have busy life's and to read this would take some time.  I will share more tomorrow since the returning of my home and what I needed to walk through a storm.
Why do I share this.. because it is what I do.
You to or someone you love will be going through what I have and this will help guide you. Do you do what I have. Maybe not. But I am smiling again and breathing again with focus just 14 days from it. YOUR LIFE YOUR STORY... my SUGGESTIONS
Namaste ~ Diane

August 19, 2014

A letter from a recent reader of The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan

(A letter from a recent reader of The Memory Barrel  First Edition)
     Thank you so much for gifting me your book! I felt ready to listen as much as you felt I was ready to hear the words.
     I can tell you I was pulled in right from the start, with my tears flowing steadily from page to page. It took a lot longer than expected to finish your book. It took time to process all of the emotions that were brought to light from the words on the pages.
      The storyline kept me coming back for more. I would become totally immersed in the book and then...out of the blue...BAM! It was like someone turned the tables and I was the one they were looking at! Immediately I would slam the book shut as if someone were going to jump out of the pages and make me look into my own mirror. A "hot potato" hitting too close home.
     I can say that I have never read a book that has caused me to feel so uncomfortable and yet so deeply loved. It saw through my smoke screen, made no apologies, and loved me anyway.
     It shines a bright light into the dark, forgotten places I had built long ago. I was comfortable and familiar living with my darkness, but your book would not have me stay there for long.

She received this shortly after beginning to read my book: From Neil Donald Walsh

On this day of your life,
Lori, I believe God wants you to know...    

...that there is a book, waiting for you to read. It
carries a wonderful message for you.

This may be a book that you started, then set aside.
Or it may be a text that you have just heard about
and that is now calling out to you.

Whichever it is, listen to the calling.  Follow the
impulse.  Read the book.  Its time is now.
 The first edition is always going to be available. Order online where ever books are sold.
The second edition will be complete by the end of 2014.. Enhanced and as it was suppose to be from the beginning.

August 11, 2014

"The treasures" You take for granted......

Our stones of every kind sit under the flow of light of the moon,to cleanse them and hold it within. This is the same with the sun.. 
Oh some will say the moon light is the reflection within it of the sun.. 
Yes it is... 
Thank you for remembering that. 
The light is life... in all forms..all created and exist for us to enhance our life.. 
I didn't create the stones Spirit did..
Just to sit in the ground? 
I think not
Was the moon placed in the sky just to give light alone.
I think not
Is the sun above just to give light..
I think not
So re-examine your way of thinking
 enjoy every glimmer every treasure that is here for you to find and enjoy......
Namaste DB

July 31, 2014

The Dalai Lama.... A man of inspiration and celebration of life.

     I feel books, teachers, lessons all come to us when we need them:
Today I came across a film on Netflix called "10 Questions for the Dalai Lama.
What a very enlightening film to watch. It truly gives you a view of this sage a teacher of life named the 
Dalai Lama. 
He came from little and touches lives endlessly. Chosen at the age of 4 to be a Dalai Lama and began life in a monastery.
Did you just think he appeared? 
We all are teachers and go through "training" maybe not in a monastery but in life. 
So think no higher of him than yourself, but learn from him and all and realize your life is precious. Your experiences are for clarification and allowing you to realize your gifts you were "born" with come forth as a flower does in time.  
                                                                         Namaste DB

This will begin your journey to see this man and be humbled by his experiences.

July 26, 2014

This was not meant to be a solo flight ~

Learning to lean on things for support...
Now that is a lesson to learn
Especially for us ladies..

Last weekend my lovely knee decided to click. It felt good but when I stood or tried to stand on it I couldn't.. Hmm (contemplation begins.)
Now I can see how and why.. I once in a lifetime experience for me and experience is the best teacher. A teacher of life is what I have chosen to walk so I will teach. 
My Scotsman has been wonderful and this journey that needed to be walked with a crutch has been enlightening.

First... I could make these crutches into oars if I wanted. Now that is entertaining don't you think?

Second: I realized some things just need to be taken care of the sooner the better. New is better than worn and uncertain. Hmm

Third: I was shown how much I am loved by my brides and their families. I have weddings every week end and they want me no matter how I stand there.. I can and will be with them.

Fourth: Being I have a issue with being miss independent, and taking care of things. I have been given soo many signs. Of encouragement and love.

Though this sounds like an "Oh No" experience.. it isn't.
Is it what I prefer of course not.
But it is for me to see above it.

Surgery when I can be scheduled... Already beginning exercises to prepare for the new me. One friend of Danas saw me outside as he was riding his bike. He shared he had a knee replacement in January and he rides his bike 20 miles often. What a ray of light for me!! I thanked my angels knowing they sent all these people for reassurance I will be even better after this is done.

I brought this to me.. and now I will love my Scotsman more and appreciate my life even more. 

(Just sharing so you see, sometimes what some would say is bad is good.) Always find the good.. and I will have a pair of crutches that I just might make into oars.. haha.. but if I keep flowing downstream I wont need them long.

We are all on our journeys together..
 It was never meant to be a solo flight.


July 14, 2014

A believe it and I saw it moment. Not the first but a pretty interesting experience

 You're thoughts create your life...

Words change thoughts, things... .
Well I had a thought the other day. I am going to make my leg feel better. 
It has bothered me for such a long time with pain shooting down from my hip.
I am not putting this up but to tell you what I did how how I messed it pretty bad.. I injured my knee 6yrs ago jumping off the back of a pick up truck helping someone move. 
Sooo I wrote on the side of my knee "healthy" then covered it with a band aid so no one would see it and think what is that? I am unique enough at time without pushing the point.. lol

Anyways... within "one hour" of doing that I got tangled in Willow's cord and swung my knee up.. I thought ohhh god the pain that shot thru my leg almost brought me to tears. 
Then Dana said are you okay.
Though painful, I said I think I needed to do that. To adjust it.. holy crap.

Then I remembered to sit on "a ball" for work, not a chair at the desk.
Well now two days since I wrote "healthy" on my knee and the pain that was shooting down my leg is gone.
Yes, my knee has more work to be done, but the nerve I think was being pinched and now it feels better!!!
The first time in almost 4 months no pain. 

So is it the word or the belief...????
I say both.. 
If you believe it you will see it.. 

Just sharing suggestions and ideas that may seem unusual to you but if it works unusual is my middle name.. 

                                                       I wish you joy... DBLorgan

June 17, 2014

Unique Wedding Ceremonies by Wedding Officiant/Minister DB Lorgan

I am a non-denominational ordained minister. I have been creating and performing unique moments for two in love as they begin their first chapter in their life..
Touching their worlds with mine just for a moment is like a rainbow appearing in the sky or a shooting star that makes your heart race.
The words we create together come alive in that moment.
I love my job... but truly it is my joy!!
DB Lorgan is an Published Author of The Memory Barrel  and The Memory Barrel: Second Edition available in late 2014
In the Eye of the Beholder will be available in 2015-2016
 {From western New York to any state in the United State.. if you need me I will come}

These moments give you a glimmer to the fun we have..
If I can start them out with laughter and a soft sentimental tear, I truly feel I am creating the "Happily Ever After for them both..."

April 11, 2014


My morning wisdom given to me... haha
So I share with you... I love sitting in the sunshine with my coffee looking out to the land of trees and critters.
Sooo here is what I was given:
Moments that are given to us for a reference point. It increases your awareness of how the peaceful and calm feeling make you feel. Within that moment you can eliminate or adjust all other experiences to balance your world. So your path to serenity isn't so far or such a struggle for you to be in it. Serenity is where the breath of life and magical experiences take place..
Watch nature.. it will teach you how to find the place called "SERENITY"

March 26, 2014

The Stream of Life

Life is like a stream, sometimes a steady flow, sometimes rapids, sometimes even a waterfall will appear unexpected.
Stay in your boat, ride the stream.
But if there is time, take the boat out and go on shore.

I don't suggest you flop over the waterfall if it can be avoided. xo ( Walk around it)
Take a break from time to time, and enjoy the view.

Then get back in the flow of things.
YOU can do this!!! 

                                                                                              {Namaste~ DBLorgan

March 18, 2014

What is it you want? Abundance? Health? Love?

What is it you want? Abundance? Health? Love?..

Well if you have a negative opinion of those that have what you want.. 
Then you won't be it or have it either. 
You have to change the way your thinking of love, abundance and health. 
Then it can come to you. 
Why would you want to bring something to you that gives you a bad feeling inside.
 Example... All wealthy people are selfish, squander their money in the bank so there isn't enough for others. Click click click.... lock lock lock.. It won't come to you. (Why would you want to have abundance if you think those that have are awful?) "Change the thought , change the story, change the vibration... it comes.
Example: Oh my god I hate it when she just seems to get whatever she wants. She has an amazingly healthy appearance and I hate her for it.. lol ok ok, so that is a extreme but maybe not hate but jealousy and ugh are just the same as there is a negative thought of it

Change the thought change the story, change the vibration..

Take the word BUT out of your vocabulary and CAN'T

Be happy for those that have, smile at those that are what you aren't and you want. 
New Story thoughts... you can do it !!
Go where those that "have" are and just sit and enjoy!
Or go drive that fun car you have always loved.. take a test ride.. Have fun!
Drive by the homes you would love to live in..

Experience just with your imagination what it would be like and if you go there or touch it or drive it.. 
Well you experience it and can bring it ..closer day by day..


Namaste DBLorgan

February 26, 2014

Your library of LIFE...

Every relationship is a story..
Maybe a mystery, maybe a drama, maybe a love story, or a fairytale.
 Maybe just a comfy book to know it makes you just feel good.
You could read it over and over and see more from it.
Sometimes the books that don't give you that good feeling inside,
need to be set on the shelf of "I wish you well"... and then continue on.
It is a good choice...
so many things to enjoy in this realm,
 why not pick the ones that make you smile laugh and give you joy.
{It is life...}
Your life, you chose....

February 23, 2014

Choices sometimes need to be in script....

Good Morn..

As I begin my Sunday morn I felt I wanted to share a thought that was given to me yesterday..
CHOICES IN LIFE, Decisions expressed need to be said.
Not avoided
Write them on a paper and sign it is the only way it can be recognized in the eyes of the world.
We need birth certificates: signed by us as parents to confirm this is our child. Even though that is known without a paper.
They need to be signed to show you are married to this person. Even though it took place before the paper.
This is the hard one...
We avoid this paper, we don't like to think of not being here. Well I am hopefully going to find the right words to write here to let you know. It is needed..
It is truly necessary. Oh most of my family knows my wishes, of course. I will not explain them here since I don't want to sway anyone in thinking on this the way I do. It is your decision..
So just go online and make an official will.. Or find someone to assist you..  It makes the choices so much easier on the family and friends still standing in this realm, if you write the words. Be clear gentle and concise.
 Remember your loved ones are not DEAD.. they are with you when you need them. Truly!
There... I opened it up.. now you have to consider.
Always here ..

February 8, 2014

Stop thinking of what entangles your mind. Think of ease and flow moments. It will bring more calm to your life.

When you sense you're having a off day..
You try not to think of things that are bothering you.
You try to feel calm within..
You know your on a edgy emotional attitude within.
Train your mind to think of something to bring a calmness over... you.
Find a lovely picture to just sit and take it within as if you're sitting there. In the moment. You are there.. you make your mind take you there. It breaks the vibrational emotion you are struggling with.
If you keep thinking the same thing and it upsets you. This is the quickest way to change it.. "STOP THINKING IT"
(smiling here)
This is my place. My memories here are wonderful, I grew from being here. I learned and played here. MY LIGHTHOUSE..
My message in a bottle.. I made a new friend with this little moment.

Leaving my "pink live strong" band on a post at the lighthouse for someone to find.
May they continue in life and I have.

Sitting on the porch just up the road from the lighthouse, Words given in this place..
To share with the world in my book. The Memory Barrel it was the true
message in a bottle for me. Casting it out unto the ocean of life.


February 2, 2014

How you think is everything

I respect all ways of thinking, if it is "do no harm".
Each has their own emotional connection to the Source of life. 
I always say I am of none I am of all. I take what is pleasing to me for me. I am very knowledge orientated and research into everything.
I can't teach if I haven't learned. I guide with my words and my actions in my life.
I do not feel you and I can only be friends if we think the same.
My ways of thinking and staying in connection with me and what I am living is a personal experience for me.

Do I expect you to stand by the water and feel the energy of life surround you..
Do I expect you to acknowledge guides or teachers in this realm and the other...
Do I expect you to feel your thoughts and words you constantly think and say will create the life your living...
No to all and more..
Just find your joy... find what makes your heart sing..
I have ... and hold it with appreciation ~

January 22, 2014

So many of us are thinking the same thing at the same time.. Just seeing it differently, yet the SAME

As I was listening to my morning thoughts sitting at my table this morn.
Coffee warm, and in a mug I enjoy. I looked out over the sky and just smiled.
This is good I said..
My life is so filled now with moments I appreciate, and love experiencing.
Thank you .. Thank you to the Source of life to bring me here.

Then I clicked on youtube which I usually do every morning too. My special people I listen to appear
as "suggestions for me today"
This one just shouted, pick me pick me.. haha
So I did...

This is what I listened to:

It was perfect of course.. Why wouldn't it have been?
Then I went to my next step in the morning viewing facebook..
So many were sharing the same words, differently but yet saying the same thing.
We are all touching each other, if not with verbal words, vibrations of the heart.
I saw it this morn.

So share of life with each other. Tell of what is helping you walk your journey with appreciation and joy. We are walking hand and hand together. Side by side..
It seems at times your alone but your truly not.


January 13, 2014

What would life be without flowers?


Stages of life.. Cycles of life....Circles of life...
It never ends it continues. ~
All from one seed.
Which stage are you in?






  It stays as long as it is guided to by spirit. When you have done all your meant to do, then the process of life continues.

 but still there.. (age of maturing)

FLOWER SEEDS OF IT BLOW IN THE the wind becoming flowers again (Flower still there but in seedling forms)

SEEMS TO BE GONE SINCE FLOWER ISNT SEEN....particular isn't there for you to hold and admire it is still very much still THERE..



(No fear , just change the way you look at things and then the things you look at change)
Abundant joy to you all: I am going to keep spreading my seeds.
(with a smile)

January 11, 2014

Make this day fun!

Happy Saturday....
Good food ~ even a ice cream sundae gouged with hot chocolate with nuts smothered all around. Heaps of whip cream and a cherry on top. Don't forget the cherry!! 

 Good friends ~ The ones that are just as crazyily insane as you are, that other people give you the "look" as your playing in the world. 


Then have a peaceful restful night as you put your feet up and laugh to how fun it was... 


December 26, 2013

Walk with us as we continue this journey that began in an authors imagination... or did it?


2014 will be filled with wonderment and laughter

"A wee bit of Angel Magic"
On 2009 I released to my publisher on New year's eve my first novel. It is called The Memory Barrel. This night in particular was a "Blue Moon". I wa...s told of this and felt I had to release it then to say a book such as The Memory Barrel came along once in a blue moon. It was synchronicity. I just knew that I had to let it go. Then I would be able to begin a new story. This little book has touched over 2000 hearts in two short years. Responses from readers to their experiences they had as they read the book were astounding to me. I was just a normal everyday lady that wrote a book. A story of a journey of a woman that learned many things of life, sharing them with her children even more in depth after she passed and they found her journal. It has been inspiring for me and for all that have touched it.
Now did it end there? NO...
As it says in the book on the last page .."Now it begins"
It is coming to life.. What I wrote of that was entirely at the time imagination and dreams it is coming alive NOW..
How does one write of a person or moments that will occur 12 years later and live to tell of them and share it with the world..
I AM... thus it begins.

March 10 2012

I was guided on March 10th to go back to this online dating site ..
I said to my angels you brought me here again... Where is he?
There were hundreds of pages filled with faces,
"Go to page 35",
I was told by the still small voice that guides me...
I clicked on page 35 and began looking down the page with a bit of a chuckle thinking,
how silly it was I was here again.
Then I saw a profile that said "an oldscottsman" hmm I was surprised to see "Scotman" then I looked closer. "The Journey Continues" were his first written words.
I knew remembering my written story from The Memory Barrel of Debra Pratt
finding her man from Scotland...
I had created a magical story around a castle on the "Isle of Skye" .
In the book this man believed as Debra and created a dream like moment for Debra,
he was to be her last love.
He was hidden in the mountains as the imagination of me as an author wrote, and Deb called him her mountain man hiding in the hills.
This scotsman lives near Letchworth State Park how ironic..{The Mountains of NY}
Did I imagine him or was I shown him 12years ago when I was writing this little book.
I thought he was fictional, just created in my very imaginative mind... or was he?
"Believe it and you will see it"
If you haven't read my little book I think it might be an interesting read for you.
Especially now.
My first question to the oldscotsman was.. Have you been to the Isle of Skye in Scotland?
His reply.......YES~
He said he saw me a year ago, and waited for me to come back to him.
He said to me after I approached him. On our first date a rainbow appeared in the sky. He reached his hand in the air as if scooping the end of it and tucked it in his pocket.
I smiled since he didn't truly know how I thought of rainbows or life. Or did he?
We have learned of each other more and more. Even my stepping back to have us make the true decision are we to be forever or was it just a dream.
We are to be forever... we know this.
Now that is magic, angel magic...~
There is more to this story as well......
This clarity of a moment written years prior will be for the second edition
coming in
The Memory Barrel by DBLorgan ~
a true
"Angel Thing"
2014 on a private moment we will become husband and wife..
2014 The second edition of "The Memory Barrel" will appear....
The Journey continues as in the end of The Memory Barrel I wrote for my last words in it as the author ;
There comes a time.. When you finally get it.
Then it begins............

So it is...


December 22, 2013

Feed the happy .. Stop feeding the worry. It is time right now. YOU can do it !

Just sitting here listening to my music.
 Looking out the window, I feel so much joy surrounding so many of you as we walk this journey called life.
 When you know of others that have things to overcome, let them know if they just take a moment to relax.
 Don't think of the difficult things, think of moments you had in your life that were happy.
It breaks the line of connection you have to the worry.

YOU feed the worry, or the fear.
Disconnect for a moment.. then disconnect for two moments, then three.. count with breathes or something. 
What you think you enliven more, so make it smaller by disconnecting.

In time you see what it was all about. What you were to experience and have clarity to.
 It comes I promise..
 There is never a neverending storm...
  {abundant joy to you all....DB}


December 12, 2013

The Memory Barrel Experience by DBLORGAN

First if you haven't read the book .. Well this note will mean absolutely nothing to you. Don’t continue to read it.(smiling here)

If you want to have the true-ness of this experience I suggest you buy the book. Either by contacting me at or online wherever books are sold.
Yes it truly is everywhere.
So let’s continue.

The Memory Barrel Experience by DBLorgan

I do feel there are areas of intrigue that are necessary to be revealed and explained.
Again and again, I playfully walk through my first novel.
I reflect back to when I began writing it and smile.
The story was given to me in so many different ways.
The Memory Barrel was released, as many of you know on the night of the eve of 2009 a night of the blue moon. As with all things dealing with this book, the release of it just magnified the essence of what was to come as well.
*Timing ~ Timing is everything.

From the beginning of creating this book timing was everything.

I began to journal,as Oprah had insisted in so many moments, as faithfully I watched her program.
I was walking through a very sad divorce in 2002. This became revelation time for me..
I hated journaling.. Hated it!! Writing day to day saying “I feel this I feel that”
I was living in the moment and there just seemed to be no healing for me.
I needed a lifeline and couldn't find it with journaling. 
So I changed the story.
Even back then, I didn't have the knowledge I have today of how important it was to
"Change the story".

I had no idea how powerful this little book was going to be.
It was going to be of life, of emotions that seemed hard to radiate through the use of words.
The Memory Barrel came alive.

“Is it true?” some ask..
Which part?
It's true that there are many truths in it.
Truths that require you to step beyond that moment and look at the real truth.
Let’s start with the obvious..
What is the first truth?
There are grammar errs in the book..
Is this unique only to my book? NO.
Many outstanding authors have errs in their books.
Why would I as an author allow this to be put into print as it was?
A lesson...For who? 
For me and for you.

 When I wrote the book I felt nothing like an author. I was being guided.
I felt to touch the world with my "Message in a bottle".
What was this purposeful err in grammar to show?
First possibly to allow you to truly see there are no ‘perfect books.
Just as there is "no perfect path" without a rock or a boulder in the way.
When you come to the rocks or boulders, do you walk around them and continue,
or do you stop right there.
Stating to the world what is obvious
This is unacceptable, and not move beyond it?
REALLY? Is that truly how you feel?
Such thoughts would have prevented such great discoveries in this realm.
Don’t you think?
Well allow me please to continue, with this book and what it taught me.
Now this next lesson was for me....

 As I was creating the second edition, I had the printed book and the word document in front of me. 
 I was correcting and comparing, I noticed the errs in the book weren't on my word document.
Hmm ... what is this about?
Then I continued to read, check compare and then the clarity came.
I almost fell off my chair..

" I had sent the WRONG document to my publisher."

Yes, I know how awful, a authors nightmare but not a nightmare for me.
Why? I saw with amazement my little book had touched over 2000 hearts mistakes and all.
They continued to read it to the end and some didn't even notice the mistakes.
Now my friend….with this clarified.
You are now prepared to open the Memory Barrel and read it from beginning to end.

I assure you as life is , so you will experience every emotion that life has given to you to experience in human form.

This book is like no other…

Truly I can say this and it has been said to me by many readers.
Does it have a plot?
Yes of course.
Yet the plot is different for each reader.
What??! As you think. NO BOOK CAN DO THAT!
Well my friend this one does.
The fabric and threads of this story are placed in perfect sequential order.
The story continues transitioning from one realm to the other.
So much so that you are not sure which is which, as you read it.
I will continue the best I can to reveal the handwork that I was given to write this book I assure you.
The ending of it doesn’t exist…Since you will truly find, it is a beginning
Mine and yours.

Now what …
Where do we begin this journey?
I will tell you.
The first step is read it.
Then as some have read it once they for some reason decide to read it again and some again.
The more you do the more comes each time.
Once you have set it to the side. Write your questions down. I will answer all and will stand beside you as a friend. I will attempt to share the words with you how this little blue book came to be.
Though I seemingly was the writer, I too am a student that is being taught by the Memory Barrel. 
All that is life that made it come to life is the teacher.
So lift the lid and experience Debra Pratt's journey of the blending both realms.
Finding the true rainbow in her journey of sunshine and rain.

Now it begins ~

The Second Edition will be available in 2014
This edition will touch you even deeper than the first.
It is as it should have been from the beginning.
Now it is...