August 16, 2017

CBD oil ... changing lifes to happy healthy. Such a blessing!

August 16,2017
This is from a dear friend of mine who has been taking care of an 70yr old male. She is sharing of him since this is truly a remarkable moment for him and her.
He calls her his angel.. And she is one of many…
Her story:
John was diagnosed in 2014 with MDS. The Dr. never explained what it was. He never received any treatment or options until December 2016 when his blood count was 4! They wanted to do Chemo and radiation, but he declined. 
Since he came to live with me in March, we have been trying everything. Royal jelly, Pure honey, Baking soda & honey, Juicing, then finally, through my research and your post, I started him on Vitamin Mk-7 (K2) and CBD oil.
So, after much research, I'm going to try this!
His is having weekly transfusions and I figured we don't have much to lose by trying!
He still feels good. He sleeps better and longer, hasn't had any pain, no sudden bursts of pain in extremities and head, overall mood improvement.
He goes back tomorrow for blood work, and we'll see how well this is working!
I'll keep you posted.
He hasn't had to use any pain medications in 5 days!
He just realized it this morning! HEHEHEHHE!!!
He was taking OxyContin on bad days and Tylenol on not so bad days.

** (MDS) are a family of rare disorders in which the bone marrow fails to make enough healthy red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets. This is caused because your bone marrow is producing lots of underdeveloped, or immature, cells that have an abnormal shape, size or look. These are called blast cells. Most experts agree that MDS is a form of blood and bone marrow cancer. Pre Leukemia.)
So lets all say a prayer this amazing oil assists John so his life is happier and healthier.

I will update as soon as I hear more. 
I know some of you are tired of my posting of the CBD oil that was shared with me but this isn't just for me it is for you too..
Remember our creator does know how to take care of us for goodness sake. !!
If your interested in my page called "The gathering".. say I am interested I will add you. I have tried to gather as much information for you to study and become aware of.
This is a life changing oil..
Love to all
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August 1, 2017



I created this page to inspire all to a good happy life. Well I am accomplishing that both here and on my blog. Now health comes by taking care of you yourself too. Thus I want to share my new journey. I asked my angels to help me to feel better. This product was put in front of my eyes and I researched it for over two weeks. Then I bought a bottle. Soo here we go: I have to say one thing everyday on my new health journey. I am using the CBD oil and I love it . I sleep like a baby, I am calmer and my aches and pains seem to be minimal. All just in 5 days. There is so much more this can do for us too. I am just mentioning the obvious. I read it helps your memory.. HECK YAH... So here is a post for it and here are my two websites for it. You take 5 drops under your tongue in the morn and 5 at night. Each bottle has at least 1200 drops in it. I tested it lol. It will last you at least two months each bottle. Plus there is a 30 day money back guarantee. It is not addictive and is totally legal in all 50 states. So this was a no brainer for me to try.. You have to decide for yourself. I have a special page called The Gathering that you can come in my opening it up to you. Other than that it is private. I thought many would feel more comfortable with their privacy. So to begin is your choice.. I am here to answer any question and help when I can.. THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS TELLING OF AMAZING RESULTS. Or here:

July 29, 2017

Angel thing moments by DBLorgan

Another angel moment at my rummage sale: Well let me share two other stories with you of an angel moments yesterday in my rummage sale. I already told you of the puppies.. I am so excited. Story two: In the morn I was talking with my son and his wife as we shared donuts and coffee which was the tradition my mom and I did every year when we had a rummage sale at her house. xo So in the conversation I said have you ever walked through a cemetery and walked by the really old stones? They said yes. I said have you ever noticed the names on them? They arent used hardly at all now adays.. They agreed I said like Clyde.. you never ever hear Clyde or Gertrude ( which my grams name was Gertrude everyone called her Gert.. so we played with that thought and the day just continued. Later two elderly people came a very sweet couple. My son and his wife went to get us some lunch. As I visited with them the woman was looking at my table with my book display and my card to have them take a card telling of The Memory Barrel Second Edition. She was so kind and congratulating me of my success with writing. Then she says. my husband has written a couple of books too. I smiled and acknowledged really? He said yes he had. I inquired what they were about. He said one is called " Because God walked with me". I smiled and said really? He said yes.. Well then when I tell you I was guided to write this book and given the words you would totally understand that? You're going to love my book!! He said with a huge smile OF COURSE..and he picked my book up and I said it is a blending of both realms in my book. He was very curious. Then he said his second book was DUE TO THE FIRST IT WAS OF ALL THE COMMENTS PEOPLE MADE ABOUT HIS FIRST.. :) We both laughed so loud it was so much fun. What an amazing moment. Then I said extending my hand.. Well it is very nice to meet you my name is Diane. He smiled and said my name is CLYDE... HAHAH... Yes he said CLYDE. Then I laughed harder and told him of my morning conversation of the names in the cemetery . They both got the biggest kick k out of it.. Oh I wish my son was here he won't believe this he always thinks I am kind of strange.. haha.. (not really.. but he and Leanne are entertained for sure) Well just as I said that.. Guess what.. Dusty pulled in the driveway.. YEPP I said Clyde go along with me for a minute I want you to see the look on my son and his wife's face. Ok.. He said ok.. Dusty come here I said.. This man is an author too. It's nice to meet you sir he said.. Then I said tell him what the name of your book is. Then he told him.. Dusty could see there was a total connection with his book and mine. Then I said.. Well tell my son your name.. He smiled and said Clyde and Dusty's jaw dropped with surprise.. What? are you kidding me? Nope I said this is CLYDE.. I cant believe this he said.. and yes for the rest of the day we laughed about this . I walked this sweet couple to their car and pointed at my license plate. See what that says Clyde? He read it out loud.. Its an angel thing.. I like that he said.. I winked and said me tooo. My angels always let me know they are with me.. Just like bringing you and I together this very moment at a silly rummage sale.. He is going to buy my book and bring it back so I can sign it.. Sigh... well there it is.. fun huh?

July 23, 2017


Our journey continues for wellness and health.

This is amazing and I am sold on the benefits.
Come to this website and just walk through it wont cost you any money. Just your time.
I am very particular of products and they're saying this works and this works.
Well I found out by so many people and their personal experiences of the benefits of these products.

All my best to happy healthy life

July 21, 2017

Experience is the best teacher: Words just share but experience you know. DBLorgan Minister/Author

Reviews for CBD Oil and its results. I will answer any of your questions. 
This is 30 day guarantee and each bottle lasts for 2-3 months.
Come look closer and see this is truly an amazing product to bring comfort and peace to so many. I am so excited to use it and share with my friends and family. 

All my best 

After suffering from bipolar my whole life, I am finally able to keep it under control and live my life. Not only am I happier, my moods have completely stabilized. I owe CBD al the the thanks, but Hemp Worx makes exceptionally pure products. 750mg for 89! That’s a great plus, plus they have BOGO deals. Five stars from me!
I am in LOVE with the CBD oil! Day 5 and I feel awesome! Here is how it helped me: Heartburn – gone. Neuropathy pain – managed. Restless Leg Syndrome – haven't had symptoms in 3 days! Focus – increased. Motivation – increased. Mood – I feel so happy…nothing negative.

This product rocks!
I'm in love with the hemp oil. I've had chronic knee pain for 20 yrs from playing soccer in college and it's GONE! I'm a HUGE fan and will be sharing my testimony to everyone. It's a relief to finally have relief from not aching all the time ! I'm a believer! I have had 5 knee surgeries in my life and need 2 more…( soccer goalie) Hempworx is the ONLY thing that's given me relief from the constant aching pain. I'm a true believer in this product!

Doctors prescribed me many different pills and I never found one that just made me feel ok and I hated swallowing them. I either was zombie, tired, couldn't sleep and they were so strong it even affected my sex drive. I did quit medications two years now but my mood energy and anxiety still had spikes. Been using CBD oil drops from Hemp Worx 1 week now and I feel ALIVE HAPPY and even though lots of stressful family emergencies happened this week I was able to control my mood anxiety, I noticed my skin has improved and I sleep longer than ever before!

Did my first drops last night and I’ve seriously had such a good day today! I woke up feeling rested and not anxious what-so-ever. I even had some very vivid dreams, so I don’t if that means I got a deeper sleep or what, but I’ll take it! I never dream anymore.
I was much calmer and patient today and just ENJOYED the day today…like it was a legitimate enjoyable day and I felt such genuine appreciation for the NOW. I’m blown away already by this #HempWorx stuff because it’s bringing back who I KNOW I am.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was taking Xeljanz, I have personally used the cbd oil for 2 months 500mg, 20 drops 2x a day. I have since reduced the inflammation in my knees and hips, and I no longer take Xeljanz. I do have an occasional ache in the knee and I have been using relief and experienced no pain after.
My Son Is Doing So Much Better!
I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the CBD oil. It has changed my son. I don’t have to remind him to take it because he knows it’s helping him. Thank you! I feel like I almost have my sweet boy back. You are a life saver because I didn’t know what I was going to do. He got bullied in school so he then started bullying kids and was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder. They have no meds that can help for what he has but they wanted to try all kinds of meds on him. I kept telling them no but he was getting worse. Thank you again! 

Received my 750mg bottle of HempWorx CBD oil last Saturday....5 drops under my tongue AM and PM....anxiety gone, headaches gone, insomnia gone!
This morning, for the first time in 6 years, I was able to work in my garden WITHOUT using my little "garden rolling-seat" thingy!! WOW!
 Peggy, It DOES! Big part of my being able to work in my garden this morning... I'm 76 and have had hip replacement !

I have RA, RSD, migraines, titanium up my spine, and herniated discs in my upper back and neck. I've lived in daily pain since March 21, 2014 when we wrecked our motorcycle. My RA & RSD has been inflamed for months where it is hard for me to get up and move at all. My migraines had been coming 2-3 days a week for over a month. I'm prescribed some pretty strong narcotic medications for my pain and I take a daily migraine medication.
I started taking 5 drops twice a day of the HempWorx 500mg for 3 days and I didn't notice a lot of difference other then actually sleeping which had been minimal due to the pain. On day 4 I went up to 10 drops twice a day and within two days what a world of difference!!!
I was able to spend an entire day with my husband cleaning our RV and truck inside & out, top to bottom without pain! I actually missed the time I normally take my second dose and started to go grab some Tylenol as I had some minor aches. I remembered my dose took it and rubbed some Relief on my RSD shoulder and mid back. Within minutes the mild ache was gone and the burning nerve pain (RSD) ended!
I am so very grateful that a friend shared this with me as I've NOT taken any narcotic pain medication in days. 
One of my biggest fears is developing Renal Failure due to the strong medications I've been on but with the relief I am getting with the HempWorx products that fear is gone

Thanks to CBD Oil, I have already been out digging up my raspberry bed..half done already too!, watered and moved all of our potted tomatoe & green pepper plants., hosed off patio & cleaned table & chairs outside.. All of this before 9 AM!!! And I have not even taken my morning dose yet..
TRUST me, I was never moving before noon, unless it was absolutely necessary
🤣 So, yes, this IS A BIG DEAL to me
What am I doing? I am using the HempWorx 750 mg drops..5 to 7 drops twice a day..I judge on my pain level with my fibromyalgia for the day. I have been completely off my Xanax since Day 1 of starting the oil. I tapered off my pain meds and have been completely off of those for about 2 weeks... I did take one on an afternoon where my legs were hurting bad..but yesterday I decided instead of doing that, to just take a few extra drops.. Bang! 10 min later, pain was gone! 
I should also add that I was getting great results using the 500 mg drops but my hubby required the 750 mg drops for his back issues, so instead of buying both, I just adapted ove
If you suffer with restless leg syndrome, I highly recommend Hempworx CBD oil. I would wake up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my legs! I could not get them in a comfortable position to go back to sleep. The pain was to the bone! I have been using the 750mg CBD oil for 11 days and I haven't had one night of pain since. I sleep all night and I even dream! Love my oil!!

My daughter  ordered some for Cbd oil for me a couple weeks ago. I have had bad knees for 30 years and have had 3 knee replacements. I have osteoarthritis and some rheumatoid. Two days after I started taking it my knees felt so much better. After 4 days pain was gone and arthritis is so much better. I have been in pain for so long it is great not to hurt
I have also lost 15 lbs. I used to just come home and set down because I hurt so bad. Now I keep going til bedtime. It is great. I have signed up as an affiliate. I hope I can help people with pain and diseases to find out about this.

I've been using the drops for about a week now. I have felt some relief but I know more is coming.
But omg my daughter has been complaint of her knee hurting her for awhile. She is 13 and a goalie. So she takes some beating. This weekend she had a tournament and got pretty bruised up. She had been rubbing the oil into her knee and has been having relief. She was doing this prior from some knee pain. She is a happy campe

So I have had a tension head ache for almost a week!! And my husband rubes his relief cream on my neck and you guess what happen!??? Yes gone in like 5 minuets!! And I keep these headaches at least 3 weeks out of the month and here recently they have gotten worse!! But I'm a true believer of this product! 

i wanted to just give all of you my friends an update on the cbd oil i have been taking for about a month. in less than 30 days it has lowered my blood pressure. i have lost 10 pounds. i have more energy. i have been dabbing it on spots on my body. i have had a skin tag on my neck i have had since i was pregnant with my youngest son (21 years) dry up and fall off. i have had a mole under my eye go away. a large mole on my arm still going away. it is much smaller and a white spot on my nose i thought i was going to have to go to a doctor and have it cut out >>>now gone. this cbd oil works like magic/miracle